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Sarah Wilson
"I like this pharmacy! The customer support is wonderful. I was in a time crunch situation and needed my medicine as soon as possible - within a few days. My Doctor writes a prescription for the medication I needed. I order my prescribed medicines from and got the medicine one day before as suggested my doctor. "
Denzel maki
"These guys are for real.. They got effective delivery.."
Joseph B
"With all of the tricky companies out there complete with their fake reviews I finally had to comment. I've been using Dutasteride Discount for 6 - 7 yrs now and have never been disappointed with the product and delivery speed.Most importantly, they deliver REAL name brand products at great prices.For the first time on my last order of Proscar and Avodart one box of Avodart was left off.What did they do ? Delivered two boxes in,I believe only 4 days ! ha to make up for that error.I'm telling you, and I know fairly well by now, this company is..."
"SCAM !!! Once order placed, i had to go to Western Union to send about $250 USD to someone in Cameroon. Smell fishy, but lets try. Once they got the money, this Karl/Kevin sends me an email letting me know i HAVE TO get an insurance, $300, but good news it's refundable. Wow !! When does an insurance cost more then the product ??? and did you ever heard that once a transaction completed, an insurance was refundable ?? Absolutly ridiculous !! This is..."
"Ivd not received my package I ordered over a month ago HOWEVER in the past I've always received the goods within 8 days and iv been using them for years they gave a tracking number but the information stops wen the information stops wen it reaches the UK I believe that customs have them it's clear 247 have posted them althouflght they have agreed to send again I just hope I get theses ones "

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Carisoprodol Compound
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