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    Hi all

    I am a newly registered member of this forum so I am hoping that I am doing fine and posting where it should be posted. so well, the reason why I am here is that I want to ask you.. is here someone who is using tramadol exclusively only for depression? I mean, I do know that tramadol it is for pain killing, however I have also read that people benefit with their depression as well if they take tramadol. there’s a friend of mine who has seen me struggling from a really bad back ache and he gave me a strip of tramadol to deal with it. well, when I have taken it I couldn’t believe how well it worked for my depression. in fact, I didn’t even realized that it was tramadol making my depression so much better until I stopped to take it for my back aches. I honestly found it to be the best ever thing. then later, when my back has gotten better I still carried on using them in order to treat my depression…

    well, it has been a year now since that happened which means that I have been taking them for a year now. my depression condition is diagnosed by a doctor and that doctor, of course, tried to treat my depression with anti depressants but none of them worked. I mean, over a long period of time I have used a lot of anti depressants (over some years), however I can doubtlessly tell you that none of them have worked anywhere near as well as tramadol did. as I said, tramadol did miracles to me and those pills have been life changing for me. don’t get me wrong. I do try to stay away from withdrawals and generally I do treat them with very big caution as I have heard and read about tramadol’s withdrawals and so, every so often I am going to come off them for like maybe 3 or 4 days during the time that I am suffering from a mild opiate type withdrawal effects (I’ve read about them too) and after those 3 or 4 days (depending on how long I can feel those withdrawals) I am going back on it.

    I should say that I do not need to take more than 2 capsules of 50 mg per day of tramadol and there has never been the need for me to increase the dosage. in all this time, I have not built up a tolerance to them which although, of course I can’t be sure, I just suspect that it would have been the case had the opiate effect been responsible for my mood enhancement. maybe the fact that I stop (intending to avoid dependency and withdrawals) from time to time also plays a role? whichever the case this is a true life saver for me. I am having a lot much more energy and enthusiasm now. as I have already mentioned this, I am perfectly aware of the fact that tramadol is prescribed primarily as a pin killer (which is why I was not sure if this is the right thread this topic to be posted in) that it is acting on the exact same receptors are the opiates do but less so, here is how I believe that it is somehow less addictive than most of the opiate type of drugs, which I personally do believe in this.

    plus to that, I guess it is important to mention that I did have used opiate drugs in the past and that’s why I do know what an opiate buzz is feeling like. what I try to say is that tramadol doesn’t makes it as the effects I have from tramadol isn’t that. it did not take me very long to work out that something else was going on here and that is why I have searched up for tramadol being given and helping for depression so I have found out that this medication is indeed recognized to have anti depressants like qualities and that’s not because of the element of opiate in it but for its effects on the serotonin and what I think that is even more important than that it is the effect on the noradrenalin. the tramadol is having only a weak effect on the serotonin uptake, however I have seen that it has a strong effect on the noradrenalin which is something that the SSRIs do not have it. either is it true or not I can’t be sure, but having all that said, I have deducted that it might be a noradrenalin deficiency in my personal case as opposed to the serotonin which apparently is normal in my case. this means that a noradrenalin (and not serotonin) specific medicine might be the good thing which would treat my depression. the Noradrenalin Reuptake Inhibitors (NRIs) are apparently very much under used in the treatment of depression as they are being ‘relatively new medicines’. the thing is that there’s Reboxetine (Edronax) medication which is one of them but it is banned in the USA, however despite all my research, I couldn’t not find an answer why it is banned.. however, I just think that there MUST be some others that should be doing the exact same job (or at least I really hope so) which the US has granted a license for.

    well, I have heard that it is being allowed in the UK and so, I really have some big hopes (since I’m in such a situation) that this stuff would be able to somehow replace my tramadol intake as I really do not want and I do not even need the pain killing effect that the tramadol is giving me right now. I did have discussed a bit about this to my doctor, however he cannot help me with my needs as here only a psychiatrist it is able to prescribe the Reboxetine (not sure if the same is everywhere else, so I just try to explain), and that is why, I am now waiting to find out if I somehow can get it prescribed or not, which I really REALLY hope I would be. I think that if the SSRIs are really having at least some little beneficial effects on your problem might not be serotonin related at all then it could be, in fact, a noradrenalin deficiency. if that’s the case then the SSRIs wouldn’t do anything and the NNRIs would be working much better for you instead so I would search more for them instead.
    in the end I just want to say that I really hope a lot that you would find this of some interest and maybe some would even benefit. so you to understand I want to say that I surely do not try to recommend/ suggest or advocate to anybody to use tramadol for depression, all I want to say is that this stuff did worked for me and my depression problem and to be honest, I really think that maybe gave me a pointer towards lack of the noradrenalin as of my problem which might be some other’s people problem either? we just have to wait and see, I suppose. whichever the case, I really hope that this would be helpful for some of you and I also, obviously hope that I would get some help either. I just know how bad it sucks to have depression and to think that there’s absolutely nothing in this world to help you. depression really sucks so if you feel you’re in depression or you’re diagnosed with depression then do whatever it takes to kick its ass. I wish you all the best wishes and if you have some questions or advices for me, write them down or PM me.

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    hey there, that’s an really really interesting post and that’s why I want to say thank you for writing it. unfortunately I am not really able to give you any exact answers to your questions and I am not very sure if I can help you with anything… what I am sure about is that there definitely are those people such as myself who are being endorphin deficient! unfortunately, I have developed an opiate addiction at an very early age (unfortunately) and so I have spent like 22 years or so while I have been trying to make myself to feel normal once again which was a really hard and long time fight. the real reason as why I have started at such an early age was the fact that I have had herniated discs in my lumbar and that is why I needed to have that surgery done when I have been only 16 years old. and sadly… as I have already mentioned it a bit earlier, I have abused opiates for the next 22 years after that before I have finally found a really good doctor who really wanted to try to put me on the methadone since he said that it is going o greatly help me. I guess most people who hear such a thing from their doctor are against. or at least most those that I have discussed with. I, of course, was against it too and that’s because of the stigma that it is going along with the methadone, but anyway, regardless of what I was thinking and wanting, I still ended up trying it. and that’s, again, thanks to my doctor to whom I am really really thankful even nowadays because within only 3 days of being on methadone my depression has been completely gone and I have had it being REALLY bad… I mean, it wasn’t a light depression when you have just some ‘novas’ when you don’t feel fine but then the rest of the day/ week you’re alright. I have been lying on the downstairs couch for a better part of my 15 years without even going out for DAYS on end and I was not giving a crap about anybody or anything that was going on around me. I mean, I have been completely not giving a sh*t about anything, not even my life or whoever else’s. I’ve been in a really really bad situation and very deep depression…

    also I know that this doctor I am talking about is also treating some elderly people as well with 5 mgs of the methadone every day or also sometimes even only every other day and he has told me that even so he still has some really amazing results with his patients. he starts very slowly unless that’s not a critical situation and people still benefit. again, as I said, such as 5 mgs every other day. and yeah, also, please do not get me wrong as I do not go around to tell depressed people that they must go on methadone each time when you are depressed or something. plus to that, it has been given to me because of my opiates addiction. what I’m trying to do here is to prove that methadone also can have a positive effect as well on someone’s phsycie either. having that said, I also do not try to suggest that you must go and get yourself methadone from black market. in fact I tell you NOT to do it. what I hope that you would do is to talk with your doctor as an option.

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    hello, thank you very much for answering and for sharing your experiences and opinions here. I really appreciate it. I also can say that there are people who do advocate opiates for depression and since we’re here, lets face the truth and say it right: when we are being depressed we can and we will do anything in order to shift it and so, I can fully understand where you are coming from. however, what I am sure about is that it is too big of a risk if you have not got a habit to get one and trust me, this is the reason why I am trying my best being so careful with the tramadol and this is not the heavy stuff… I personally don’t really know a lot about this, unfortunately, however I did have tried to do something so I have used all types of the self medication in order to ease the pains from my depression and my depression in general and among those stuff I can say that it is including the opiates either, alcohol too and even speed, whatever (because I’ve tried many of them) however I still tell you that there MUST be something that it is underlying this need to self medicate… I guess I should explain that, in fact, my post about the tramadol and noradrenalin has one purpose and it is to highlight that there are chances that I may have accidentally found out the chemical that I am lacking only due to the fact that I am taking tramadol. who knows for sure whether or not it also might be the opiate effect in the tramadol that it is lifting up my depression and my mood, and not the noradrenalin all along, however from as much as I have read about the tramadol and about the lack of the tolerance to this medicine then it is making me think that it is, in fact, not the opiate at all that it is making my mood lift up and making me feel ‘well’. what I try to say is that I did have tried many other things that would help me with this problem I have and none of them could, only tramadol. tramadol has 2 components: opioids and the SNRI acting stuff. opioids alone I have used and they do not help. the second component I have never tried alone. but tramadol helps. that’s pretty logical to me that it is the noradrenalin.

    in addition to that, I guess you haven’t really understand what I tried to say. I really do not see any issues in the elderly people getting methadone in case it is being well regulated and especially if it helps! but we should not forget that it also could be tricky ground and, of course, the medical profession at large would never allow this to happen, not to mention about any government. just take care and be safe. good luck!

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    Wasce Wasce

    I’m now trying to write a response to the OP. Hi there, my name is Jack and I’m from US and as you, I also take Tramadol either. what’s really interesting is that I have had the exact same results from using tramadol as you had and that’s including finding it, per chance, in attempt to get the pains I have had easier and alleviate them. plus to that, exactly as you I have also have had a mild to moderate depression for some years straight. I should say that I did have used the SSRIs and the SNRIs either for my depression. I guess there’s no need to mention that I have also used the tricyclic antidepressants too. all of this happened some years ago and I’ve been on all of them for quite a long time. well, I can tell you, exactly as for you, there is absolutely nothing that would work as well as tramadol does. exactly as you, initially I was also finding it really strange because those medications (SSRIs, SNRIs, and tricyclic antidepressants) were intended, made, sold, and prescribed for people to deal with depression, but they were not helping me. but in the same time, tramadol which is intended, made sold and prescribed for people with pains and not depression, is helping me a lot much more better with depression. and if there is someone who doesn’t believe me then you just have to read about it more and I tell you, there is absolutely NOTHING that it is working exactly as well as tramadol does for me and my really really annoying depression. here in the states, I am taking tramadol as ultram, not sure if that’s changing anything but I really doubt it. I just say this because maybe other types of tramadols do not have this effect so if you search for tramadol for depression then I would suggest you to look into Ultram. but also, I do not try to say that it is a good idea to go and take it on your own. better go and talk to your doctor about this if you want to start taking tramadol for depression. that’s because you need to be very careful because tramadol it is not at all as safe as it sounds. just do your research.
    I personally did have done some internet searching myself and I did have found that there are researches that are confirming that there ARE anti depressants effects of the medication. I just still find it strange because I do understand that it has anti depressant effects in the medication which helps with the depression, but why it is ONLY this drug that helps while others failure to help deal against depression? I just suppose that these anti depressant effects in tramadol are… strange… different, from the rest.

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    tramadol is such a strange a widely used drug that I can’t think of any other drug that would be used for so many conditions… I personally have used tramadol for approximately one year and a half for my arthritis issues. it has all started as a use for the back pains I had that have went down my leg which has caused by the uterus polyps I had.
    anyway, I just want to say that I have had a minor RA and then it has became full fledge which is why it has put me in bed, Rheumatoid Arthritis. however… you know what’s the saddest thing… is that unfortunately, I have found out this year (I mean, just a few weeks ago), that at least 70 or maybe even 80% of the RA pain has been, in fact, caused by the Ultram (tramadol!). you know.. this stuff is being given very often to many different conditions but you need to be very careful. although this is still a rare side effect of this medication, it does can happen and it did happened to get me!
    either way, it has been now somewhere around one week or so (I just can’t believe that I do not know the number), however my body has became already addicted to it and so this is why it has caused some extremely and extremely horrible after- effects (also known as withdrawals) that has lasted for me for no less than one full week long. and they were so bad that I was not able to do absolutely anything in that week. I mean, too bad after effects that IMO lasted too much!!!
    anyway, if it is possible at all, I would recommend you people to get off this drug because it is more dangerous than you think it actually is. as I said it earlier, this drug has so many uses and it is given for so many conditions… don’t you think that there’s a price for this? don’t you think that this is strange? I personally do and I really think that it is very strange so I would just recommend you people to use some other stuff (because I do know that often people have to take at least something for their conditions because not all conditions can be taken care of without any medication’s help) and never to go back to this dangerous drug. maybe some of you already know this, but tramadol it is causing epileptic effects to a really large amount of people using it. it makes you be addicted to it and it also causes some extremely bad swelling of the joints and it is also causing much more pain in the most people who are using it on a regular basis. so staying away from swelling and pains in joints as well as staying away from epileptic effects means that you must stay away from tramadol…

    and yeah, I also think that I must say that I was/ am depressed. I have been in depression before I have started to take tramadol and then it has been completely gone. what I try to say is that I do perfectly know that tramadol is doing some kind of ‘magic’ on depression because in the whole time that I have been using it my depression was gone and I was feeling all fine, this was feeling amazing! however I still think that you must be very careful because I would rather be depressed than to go through what I have went already as well as what I have done in order to get off it. again, I can easily admit that it has done wonders for my depression and for my panic attacks, but weighing the benefits and the drawbacks I still think that the benefits don’t outweigh the drawbacks.
    I wish you all good luck and I hope you’re gonna be safe, it’s just that unfortunately, being anywhere near tramadol isn’t safe.

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    hey there everyone, I’m 22 years old boy/ man and I can tell you that I have suffered from severe depression for nearly as long as I can remember myself and that’s definitely not a pleasant thing… but then again, when I have been thinking that I see the light at the end of the tunnel, the rocks blocked my way in that tunnel… that’s because when I have been 17 years old I was playing football and during a game, I have suffered a severe hip injury… that’s right in the time that I have been playing high school football. well, I guess there is no need to mention that this has ruined any chances for me at all of a college career… but anyway, since I have been having extreme pains (those were really bad pains that were associated with arthritis because of my numerous surgeries I have had) the doctor has prescribed me tramadol for those pains and this is the way I started to take them.

    tramadol SHOULD be given to people with depression, taking it for such a condition is going to do wonders and I say this from experience. as soon as I have started to use it I have noticed that I am having an ENORMEOUS difference in my depression as I got much less depressed. I was feeling motivation, I was feeling energy, I was feeling joy and happiness. my mood was 500% better!

    however, when I have got off of the tramadol, I have went back to my normal me… to the miserable life and to my miserable self that was very rarely getting out of bed with no motivation to do so and generally with no motivation to do anything at all, when I went off to my college, I dropped out after sleeping all day long and flunking out.

    it seemed that my depression was getting worse and worse and it seemed that it would get or already got under control. I became completely desperate and I started to try some methods of how to stop the depression. I’ve been said that a really good method it is to think about those times in my life where I was really happy and to focus on those moments as well as to try to ‘recreate’ them. well, then I have realized that the only time which I could think of when I was really happy was the time that I have been taking tramadol for those pains. well, I started to take them again and I have been on tramadol for approximately one year now or so and I have tried to play it very carefully because of the possible addictive factors that it has. I mean, I do know them all very well and I do know about nearly any bad side effects it has etc. and I’m trying to keep them away from me. I try to be very careful and take big caution with tramadol because I know it can be dangerous BUT that’s ONLY if you do not know how to use it. as long as you use it properly everything is going to be fine and you would greatly benefit from it! so, if you are interested on how to do it (or at least how I am doing it myself) I can tell you that I am taking it for like 2 or maybe 3 weeks maximum straight and then I am going off from it for like about one full week. I am not very sure if this method is going to help with the pains because if the pain is constant and you do not take tramadol then one week you’re gonna really suffer a lot. but I do this for my depression and it is AMAZING as I am currently the happiest that I have ever been and I manage to keep away the withdrawals and the bad side effects.

    I am now back in the college and I am doing generally a lot much more better. I am going to graduate this June with honors. and yeah, please be careful because I am surely no advertising it for anybody. I surely do not recommend anyone to go out and to take tramadol for depression especially without talking with a doctor first. what I try to say is that sometimes it MIGHT be worth to at least try it and first of all, I am sharing my experience here so other people can have one more reference when he or she is researching other options I just think that knowing multiple options is the best as the person can have a variety to choose for him/ her self. and yeah, if you haven’t got it right, I do not take tramadol without a doctor supervising this. I am not doing anything illegal. the doctor gives it to me off label. that’s because I have went from taking Zoloft, Klonopin, Geodon as well as Trileptal (each in pretty high doses), to only using quite a small dose of the Zoloft as well as only 2 capsules of tramadol per day (one capsule 50 mg) this means that instead of using lots of other drugs I take a small dose of zoloft with 100 mg (which is also a small dose) of tramadol. and I’m feeling better (lots much better) than taking lots of them.

    and yeah, unfortunately… I do know very well that those ol’ mainstream doctors have not yet fully accepted the fact that tramadol is a really helpful stuff for depression and that they have not even accepted it as a form of depression medication, but I have to say that there’s something that tells me that soon they will because it has surely has done and still does wonders for me and for many other people out there. I just really wish to share my personal experience with other people out there so that they may have one more option to search at when they are searching for a relief from depression because I do know how hard it is to live with depression. plus to that I have noticed that lots and I mean LOTS of people really do not seem to understand what depression really is. I am having big hopes that this is going to help other people out there to certainly consider to talk with their doctors about the tramadol because of all the amazing effects that it is having on the depression, or again, at least on my depression…

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    hey people, I also want to say that I have used tramadol in the past but I was using it for other condition than depression. I’ve been usually using it for the pain relief from a permanently torn pectorial muscle I have had, however, as you said that tramadol is effective against depression, I have also found this to be true as I accidentally found that they are really effective to treat my depression which I have been struggling with for a lot of years before taking tramadol. my situation is pretty similar to a lot of other people’s situations here because as they said that other stuff was ineffective against their depression, the same thing goes to me. I have been given (rx) by my doctor a Myriad of a lot of anti depressants over the course of some years but in the end, none of them have been helping me, in fact none of them were not even near for me to call them being effective. but with tramadol everything changed as the depression was completely gone. this stuff has given me (honestly) the very best and the happiest years of my entire adult life, but as others said, I am also not recommending for you to take tramadol especially without talking with a doctor firstly and that it is because I do know very well that tramadols are not for everybody out there as I am pretty sure that some people may experience some bad side effects from using it. that is why if you are among such kind of people then I don’t know. but if you are alike me then you can benefit. in short, I can speak with certitude only about me and I can surely confirm that tramadol CAN be very effective in treating depression for some people, including me as well!

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    something else to add here is… I am not normally being depressed by nature ( because I perfectly know that there are people like this), however I can say that I have noticed a nose dive in to the depression whenever I am trying to stop to use the tramadol with the cold turkey method. this is the reason why I can guess now that it is truly confirming the fact that, at least in some way, this medicine tramadol really does elevate your mood well, even though I have not been particularly aware of that effect in the time that I have been using it. so, being someone that has not noticed tramadol lifting up moods while being on it, I still can confirm that it has such kind of effects. for somebody who is in depression I imagine that it would help even more (because as I said, I was not in depression, I guess this is the reason why I haven’t noticed it) but those are in depression might greatly benefit from using it IMO.

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    guys, thanks for posting this so useful information. I really think that it is very cool to know it. the reason why I’m here is that I am taking tramadol myself so I wanted to read and find out more about it. it seems that it was a good idea. I have to say that I have been given tramadol by my doctor because of pain which I am having as a result of a recent car accident that I have been involved in (a woman has smashed my legs into another car’s bumper from behind). obviously I have legs injury (that’s an recent event) which really really sucked a lot due to the fact that I have been taking the methadone in order to get off [and so, since this has happened, I have been in need of taking something else for my pain due to the fact that it still hurts a lot and that’s even though I have been on the methadone and so, this is why I have been going to start on using the tramadol after I would successfully get off the methadone maintenance program for the last 3 months for the opioid] addiction and plus to that also the depression too which has came along with stopping either (H). talking about methadone I can tell you that it has surely done wonders for me, I can tell you this for sure. so I can feel that I’m pretty much in a weird position right now, in the attempt of getting off of (H) and the pain that I am currently having which is being caused by the accident I have in my legs now. frankly, I really did not wanted to use both of them at the exact same time due to the fact that I’m clueless either would it be a good idea at all (since there might be interactions and so it can be dangerous so I got a bit scared) from as much as I have been reading and also the medical precautions too. however, this last weekend (I mean, saturday and sunday) I have been in such a bad situation that I simply could not make it over the weekend in order to get my methadone and this is the reason why I have been thinking that I would break into my bottle of the tramadol and to use it over the weekend. I can tell you that as far a pain it did worked a little bit, I have had to use one tablet (mine tablets are 50 mg one) like every 3 to maximum 5 hours from saturday morning on. now the biggest problem or at least the strangest thing is that I have been noticing that I’m getting very depressed and I found this very strange because I came across this post that it is saying that tramadol is actually doing miracle job for your depression, which for me it works the other way around. that is why I really wanted to post here and to let you people know what happened to me. I am now hoping a lot that eventually I would get off the methadone… but damn… I’m still really wondering either the depression came back to me due to the fact that I have changed my medications from methadone to tramadol. but even if so, why would I be depressed when tramadol is dealing so well with depression? even if it’s not this but something else then again… I should be depressed since tramadol does such a great job. am I getting something wrong? but then again it is all strange because then later, in the morning next day (on monday after the weekend when I have changed my meds) I have taken my dosage (the methadone) and oh my… I was really feeling amazing. I mean, no depression or anything. I was not depressed and I didn’t had any pains anymore.

    please people, tell me what do you think about this? I know and I can see that some of you are much more experienced than I am. and that is why I was thinking that I can add my thoughts and experience on this topic and I was thinking that I would get some other people’s thoughts and opinions here. whichever the case, I am really hoping a lot that I would eventually get off from the methadone and that I could use the tramadol later on for the pain that I am having in my leg and in my knee. or… do you think that I should be given something else that might be doing a better job for my needs than tramadol? generally, what can you say in regards to all of this? thank you in advance for everything.

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    reading your post I have noticed one mistake and it is that you are taking tramadol when you are also taking methadone. you shouldn’t be doing this. do not use tramadol when u still use methadone. please. that’s for your own well being, of course. you are feeling the early effects of the withdrawal which is what is happening when you are using tramadol, hence you feel like that.

    tramadol is doing a great job with depression and with pain, but that’s as long as you do not take methadone. but if you do already use methadone then it is obvious that tramadol isn’t even going to touch you and your needs and the fact that you do not like tramadol in the time you take methadone that’s obvious. having that said, I would say that you would be better off on dilaudid or maybe on fentanyl since they are able to break through the methadone, however be sure that not as well.

    in short, there’s either nothing or very few stuff that can do it so if you are really having big pain problem then just get your methadone dose higher. other than that I don’t see any options. but talk to your doc first and see what you’re gonna be recommended. I wish you all the best.

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    I’m in pretty much the same situation as a lot of people here have mentioned. what I try to say is that exactly as other people here, I have also been suffering from depression since my early teens so I can say that I was depressive for as long as I can remember myself. very often, the depression were lasting for months at a time without stopping and it is obvious that during that time it has been completely ruining my life. not to mention how it was screwing me up each time that the depression has been at its worst. in fact, I said that my depression was lasting for some months, those months were the ‘worst’ but depression was always present, it was just there at various levels, there were sometimes when it was mild enough so that I could get on with some things, but it was always kicking in again and whenever it was doing it, it kicked me really hard at some stage which was making everything to seem completely a pointless effort. then again, exactly as many people here I have had an injury (accident) which introduced tramadol into my life. I have had an accident at my work which injured my back and my doc gave me tramadol, explained that I need to be very careful not to get hooked up on it. and so he gave me a prescription that has been repeated since the injury and from the moment I got it – the depression has been gone like in a miracle. tramadol was a life changer for me. at some point I was happy that I had that accident and I injured my back because I got tramadol. I have not felt so good in as long as I can remember myself. there were thing that I have either never had any interest in or that I’ve lost my interested in them, after I have started to take tramadol this changed as many of them regained their appeal but what made me even more happier was that my wife and my kids told me that they have never seen me life that. they told me that I have become much more cheerful and positive than they have ever known me to be. all in all I can say that it is a perfect drug (plus to that, the price is unbelievably low, I was thinking that it would be higher).

    but there’s just one single problem that annoys me and mostly scared me. the problem is that I am having an tolerance to the drug and I’m afraid that this tolerance is going to grow continuously until this would push me to a too high dose which would make me ‘need’ to stop it. so far, my tolerance has led me to an increase in my dose to 400 mg per 24 hours. but I’m honestly not wanting to go above that dosage and so far I do not. my doctor said that this is a safe dose and I keep it in that level. he told me that a dosage higher than isn’t good for the liver and plus to that, from a higher dosage problems start to appear. something tells me that there’s nothing to stop my tolerance from getting higher so that something tells me that I have quite a hard time coming off… and it is obvious that I wouldn’t want it since those are those really profound effects for the better on my life by the result of the relief from that extremely bad depression and also not to mention the extremely good analgesic properties it has.

    to be honest, I am not sure now if I am being addicted to it, but since I take such a dosage and since I already take it for a while then I assume that I am but even so I have to say that being addicted to it is a price that I am always happy to pay for this kind of life that I now have now with tramadol. I just keep hoping that my tolerance wouldn’t get higher, as for addiction, that’s not a problem for me.

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    Takalond, yeah, I totally do agree with you and what you said. that’s true. I just seem to have to use as low as 150 mg per day and I have noticed that even at this dosage I am fine. plus that, I guess it is because of the dosage that isn’t really high but coming off it is not too bad for me. I am just tapering the dosages don and I really do not feel the reference point so so bad and sharply. I don’t know… whatever the case I am having like a moth off.

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    hey all. I have started to use tramadol for my severe pains around one year ago or so and that’s why I have some experience with it. I have started to use it because of the pains that I have got from my descending colon where there is nerve damage and I was so happy to see that this stuff is so helpful for my kind of pain. I mean, it was really helping me a lot. but also, there was that ‘bonus’ effect of feeling very and very good as well as having a lot of energy as well. when starting to take tramadol I just thought that it is going to ‘hide’ my pains and that’s it, I never expected that it would work that way. but you know… there’s also something else that I find it super strange… it is the thing that I can swear it had increased my IQ…. I am not very sure if someone else who has used tramadol can confirm this but I this is what kind of an effect I have got from taking it. my mind had been slowly but constantly turning into mush because I have not been able to work and because I have always been in pains (I was feeling pain all the time), however, as soon as I have started to take tramadol everything changed and that’s because I have started to develop an interested in just about everything out there! I mean, I never to be like that but I started to be interested in science, in literature, in theology, in the economy, in current events and so on and so forth. in short, nearly anything at all! I really like this. but besides this, I have also found it to be very helpful in giving me much more of physical energy to complete tasks. I can feel this energy pumping through my body and I can feel that there’s a lot much more of this energy flowing through my body than before starting to take tramadol. I can tell you that since my illness, I have become a complete virtual recluse (and in fact, I still am, however I am now a bit better) and although I knew this and I hated it, I still couldn’t change it. but now, with tramadol, I finally am. I am now constantly reading, I always read and I’m always searching more to read. In fact, I can tell you that I have always been a voracious reader, but this seemed to slowly deem as my illness took over me. so I kind of stopped to read, but now, I just can’t take enough of reading … I just can’t take enough information so I can’t stop reading. I always want more and more. whichever the case, I still think that there is something that it is even more important than that and it is the fact that my attitude it is much more positive as well. I used to be a pessimist and I guess that I still am, but I am clearly changing into an optimist now! I can feel that my mind now is a lot much more clearer and astute. and again, I do believe and in fact I can say that a know that a lot of this has to do with the tramadol! the reason is that all these changes started to appear only after tramadol appeared in my life and no other thing was introduced into my life than tramadol. in fact, I can tell you people that I have even wrote a novel when I have firstly started to use it. and yeah, it is obvious that you can’t change your mind overnight and make you a completely different thinking person. what I try to say is that I am still having to struggle with the negative thoughts, however now, with the helps of tramadol, I am able to quickly re direct my thoughts to positive ones each time when I realize or I sense that the negative thoughts are invading my mind. and yeah, of course I just cannot do this all the time continuously whenever I want, but even though this is not happening all the time, at least it does happen a lot much more often than before I started to take tramadol. then later, when I have firstly started to ask my GI doctor to give it to me (to prescribe) due to my extremely big pains that were just unbearable to me he didn’t wanted to. he has been absolutely sure and adamant that he should not prescribe any kind of pain killers to his patients. and that’s even though I have been in an extremely big pain, I have been in agony and I just couldn’t simply get out of the bed most of the time because of the pain… that’s how bad it was. all of what he did prescribe to me has been bentyl which I have been using for years then (since he didn’t wanted to give me anything else) but besides that, I just couldn’t take it since the side effects that I was having from using it were horrible and I always have to use a tranquilizer with it in order to counter act those horrible side effects a little bit. but as much as you can understand, that definitely wasn’t making it so much more better… they were only getting the side effects a bit lower and that’s pretty much it.

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    and so, I have started to think what I can do and I have came to the conclusion that I must go and ask my psychiatrist to prescribe it to me… yeah, that’s right, I went to the psychatrist and I asked him to prescribe tramadol for the pain. I went and I asked him to give me specifically tramadol because I knew how it would work for me due to the fact that I have had tramadol in the past and it did had worked very well for the pains in the past so I thought that it must work as good now and as you can see, I was right. as I said, I am taking it for about one year now or so which means that this happened approximately one year ago and the only thing that I now regret is that I haven’t went to my psychiatrist earlier because he could have helped me earlier. initially I have started to take a dose of only 100 mgs per day and since this was not enough I have worked my dose up with my doctor up to 300 mgs per day as it is needed but I try to never reach this dosage (300 mg) and that is why I now tend to hover around 200 or 250 mg per day or so. I took 300 mg, but that rarely happened. I am just trying to keep the lowest effective dose. the problem here being the thing that if i’m not even in pain then I am still feeling a slump and I have an extremely horrible fatigue whenever I am not taking the tramadol, I do know that this is because of the addiction that I already have to it, which is doubtless. and plus to that, another negative thing is that I do know that sometimes I am developing a tolerance to it too which I also am trying my best to lower it and to control it. but to be honest, I am feeling pretty guilty each time when I am swallowing a tramadol pill and I am not in pain, I feel like I take it just for feeling good and not for the pain, I do know this is the addiction but I’m still feeling guilty. but at least, when I take tramadol and I am not in pains I am trying to take an ever lower dose and sometimes I try not to take at all (but unfortunately, I do know that I very often do take them… that’s mostly because I am getting so damn moody and so tired that I just need to change this situation and so I take it. in addition to that. I am always searching for that lift that makes me feel like that. as I said, I am getting really moody so I want to use it just to feel normal again and I get the lift most of the time when I am using the tramadol. however, I said mostly because I do not get it always, I am mostly feeling this lift whenever I am having some kind of a degree of pain as opposed to none at all. but yeah, as most people here, I am also having a history of depression as well. in general, it seems to me that most people with pains have a depression history. they are kind of co related. I have a pretty vast history with depression, low mood and even periods of clinical depression as well which I have not had in years now… especially haven’t had them since I started to take tramadol (thanks to god *knocks on the wood*). and plus to that, again, as most people that have posted here (I’ve read your posts very carefully people) I can feel that I have already used every (or at least most) of the anti depressants that are out there on the American market (surely, at least, the most popular ones) and I think that maybe I am having some kind of an immunity to them now or I don’t know, but the fact is a fact – none of them has never worked to me. and now, since I do know that tramadol it is having the norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor effect and since I doubt that I’ve ever been given such an anti depressant in the past, I am really interested right now to find out and learn as much as I can about the norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors as I haven’t even heard of them in the past and this is why, I am now wondering whether I might be or not deficient in those ones either like it has been mentioned earlier in other posts here. so well, although I do know for sure that I have developed an dependency on the tramadol I still want to take them because they do make my life being in color, it makes me more interested in life in general and plus to all of this, primarily why I am being given those, is that it also helps me with the pain too.

    yeah… I forgot to say here that I have not told my psychiatrist about this, I mean, about the thing that the tramadol has helped me with my depression so good. he is thinking that they are only making me feel spacey (and yeah, indeed, sometimes they really do make me feel like that) due to the fact that I really do not want him to think that I have developed this addiction to them and that’s because, of course, I am afraid that he is going to take me off of them and then… it would be much worse than the addiction. I do know that addiction is bad, of course I would want not to be addicted to this drug, but it is better this way than how I used to be. it is not only that I am afraid of the withdrawals from the tramadol if I discontinue, I do know that the withdrawals would be really really hard, but I am more afraid that I would still suffer a lot even after the withdrawals would stop. that I would still be in depression and my life wouldn’t be so ‘colorful’ as it is now. so yeah, I’m very afraid that my doctor would take me off them… I would lapse back again into a very deep depression (and I also, then I should be depended on that awful bentyl as well in order to treat my pains too…
    anyway, thanks all. I have found some really really good comments here, very interesting. thanks for commenting about the anti depressant effects, I found it interesting and helpful. good luck to y’all.

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    I find it to be just amazing how many people have discovered about the effects of tramadol on depression. in fact, I am wondering how many people are out there who have discovered this but simply didn’t post it online. after all, I see that there are a LOT. yes, I do agree with you people as tramadol may have saved my life and I am so happy that I found it. I also have found about the anti depressant effects of the tramadol and how amazing it is. I have been in depression for my entire life, my depression didn’t seemed to be so bad but being in depression is still annoying, my depression level was somewhere between low to mid level (mostly depending on time periods) also along with Generalized Anxiety Disorder too (GAD) and this made my life feel like hell. however, that’s up until I was given tramadol as now I am feeling better than I have ever felt. I also did have tried a lot of different anti depressants. I’ve tried so many of them that it seemed impossible not to find a good one among so many. but it seems that nothing is impossible as indeed, none of those many anti depressants seemed to help me. in fact, it has even got worse. I mean, not those medications got it worse but it got worse after a break up of a relationship and it got so bad and I’ve been in such a deep depression that I have been suicidally depressed for the previous 9 months. I’ve never been in such a bad depression. I have tried prozac which was supposed to do miracle but did not help a bit. then I have been on lexapro as well, which I have started like 3 weeks ago or so, and this one did seemed to help but only a very little bit as I was still wishing to die, still was very depressed and I was still waking up every morning in the same condition of a very high anxiety and I was still not able to feel any happiness or to enjoy at least a second of my life. before taking these anti depressants I’ve also taken others which either gave me too many side effects that were so bad that I couldn’t even notice either am I in depression or not (but I assume yes) or didn’t helped me at all. and then later everything changed. as I said, my life has been saved, by tramadol. I have used one tramadol (100 mg) because of the pain that I have been having (I knew and I thought that it is only a pain killer, nothing more) and then, suddenly, within the next 30 minutes or so of taking the pill… my depression has been totally gone. that was the first time when I was feeling so good, I have been having no depression and no anxiety. to be honest, I was thinking that there isn’t such a thing… to use it and in the next 30 minutes to feel like that…

    but I was still taking lexapro and that is why, I wanted to take tramadol further, but I knew that I have to check for drug interactions and that’s very good that I did because I have read that it is actually very dangerous to take tramadol with SSRIs due to the fact that if taken together they can cause Serotonin Syndrome and that is why I’ve decided that I need at least to get my lexapro dosage down to be safer and that’s why from taking 20 mg of lexapro, I am now taking only 5 mg. I’ve found about tramadol one week ago which means that I am feeling great for one full week now. it is obvious that I am planning to keep on using it further. I am currently using 200 mg of the tramadol per day and I am feeling AMAZING so I don’t have any plans to get the dosage higher. I am using 100 mg of it when I am waking up in the morning and then the next 100 mg in the afternoon. tramadol it is very different, in my opinion, than other pain killers. I mean, I am not getting the high feeling that I am getting from using either vicodin or percocet, with this one I am only feeling calm and I am feeling centered.

    one interesting thing here that I need to mention is that this is not the first time when I used tramadol… I remember that I did have used tramadol once in the past, during that time I have been on prozac, this was some months ago, but strangely back then I have not noticed the anti depressants effects of it… all that I’ve felt back then has been a little bit of relaxation of my stomach and maybe just a very mild anxiety relief, definitely nothing as good as it felt now. this is the reason why I am thinking that maybe, in fact, it is the combination of these 2 drugs that I use (lexapro and tramadol) that has something to do with the miracle effects that I am currently experiencing. and so, here’s what I thought (and I am asking you guys to give me your opinions on this). since tramadol is working on both seratonin and noradrenaline either and since lexapro is working on seratonin only…. I have been doing my vast research about anti depressants that are doing this and there’s one that I have came across that seems to be very popular but strangely I have not been prescribed it: Effexor (Venlafaxine HCL). I have read that this effexor is being used for both depression as well as generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) too, and also it is given for social anxiety disorder (SAD). I got really curious in it and so I have ordered this thing on the internet (it can be purchased, as any other anti depressant, only with prescription and that’s whyi bought it online) and I am going to give this thing a try when it is going to come in a few weeks. I really hope a lot that the seratonin/ noradrenaline properties of this thing is going to have the exact same miracle effect that the combination of 2 drugs now have. that’s because I do know very well that the idea of using pain killer for any long periods of time it is surely not the best idea. and so, I am now very interested in finding out what do you people think about this and more importantly I want to ask you… have any of you people ever used effexor. if some of you did used effexor, do you still think that tramadol is better? why?! if that’s so then I’m completely perplexed because effexor works on both norepinephrine and serotonin and since tramadol works pretty much on the same receptors, why would tramadol work and effexor not?

    whatever the case, I am still going to try effexor myself and see how it works on me. I will try to stick with effexor for a while (because I do know that often they need some time until they kick in and work) and I hope it would be doing the trick. after I am going to use it for a while I would come back here with an update post reporting back the results. wish you all good luck.

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    for those who still don’t know… tramadol it is a synthetic opiate with seratonin and norepinephrine reuptake blocking properties (pretty much similar to those of an SSRI). however, due to the fact that this is an opiate and therefore it is having a high abuse potential, this is not being prescribed to treat depression and it is given only for his pain killing properties as a… pain killer. for me, however (and as much as I see, for a lot of other people), it is working extremely well for my depression. in fact, it works even better than actual antidepressants. or at least, I personally do not respond to the SSRI antidepressants (such as paxil, zoloft and lexapro). although it is still not being prescribed for depression, it still does an amazing job and if you are going to do a little bit of a research on the web or on google scholar (for those who don’t know access and you are going to find out that in fact, tramadol has been found, in different tests, to have very good and significant antidepressant properties. having that said, it makes me think that soon tramadol will be prescribed for depression or maybe it already is but off label.

    but on the other hand, there is something that keep me away from this thought that tramadol will be given for depression. that’s because the established medical community it is very anti opiate when it is coming to depression or to mood problems… you might ask why this is like this?? so well… it goes back to some laws that have been passed (Harrison Narcotics Tax act of 1914 as well as some others) that has helped to make the opiate nearly completely unattainable. In the 1800s or so, they have been unregulated and uncontrollable and this is why, in my other countries and cultures (even in USA) they were socially acceptable, in fact, more so than alcohol. however, as you can see this has greatly changed and nowadays doctors are being lectured and taught that people are always going to fall in victims of addiction if they are going to use an opiate, they are being told that those people will never be able to regulate their intake and so they are going to end up being just some junkies and some abusers. that’s, of course, absolutely wrong. this might be true but this also might not be true. it all depends on how and why you need to take them… I personally am using this medication responsibly or at least I’m trying all my best and honestly think that if everyone would take them this way there wouldn’t be junkies and abusers. what I try to say is… if I would take a bunch of them then would I get high? of course yes. however I know better and I am being mature enough to know and to face the consequences.

    what I am trying to say is that opiates definitely are not but, of course, if used in moderation, as absolutely anything in this world. anything is good if used in moderation. even if water if it’s too much it is bad either. the same goes for opiates. and this is why I am thinking that in fact, opiates are being underused for mood and for depression. the potential for the abuse is making the medical establishment to be extremely scared to give and prescribe them to people for anything else except for the pains (and let’s face it, they often don’t do it even for pain and they often keep their patients under treated for their pains with tylenol’s and stuff like this). but we can clearly see here that tramadol it is being so so effective for some people’s depression that it really must be looked into. the addiction model that the medical establishment abides by does not apply to every individual and it greatly depends on how you treat opiates, how you take them and so on and so forth.

    and yeah… people, I’m sorry as I do know that I did have rambled a little bit about this, however I just have been thinking that I should share all of my thoughts here with you about this drug which I really think that should be given for other conditions than just pain killer. this drug has been extremely helpful for me in helping me to maintain a very highly functional and quality life, a life that has been uncrippled by the depression that I have been already used to it for years. later I found my gate which was way out of depression in a pain killing pill… but never found that gate out of depression in an anti depressant…

    I am with you guys, but besides you who have found this pill to be so effective, there’s also a women that I personally know who has also had absolutely no success with the traditional antidepressants but then she has found an opiate to be so so effective. I am now wondering how many of you people (and all over the world) are actually being given tramadol prescribed by their doctors for depression. nowadays this is so widely known that I doubt it is a secret for someone out there, especially for doctors. I just want people to be happy and tramadol CAN make people be happy.

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