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    So well, not long ago I have had a visit with my family doctor. Well, usually I am asking for some Xanax once every half a year (6 months plus or minus) or so and also some ambien as well about once per year with just couple of refills and of course I ask them because of my occasional needs of them since I have occasional Xanax and occasional insomnia.
    And so, this last visit that I mentioned here has been a visit for it. in addition to that, this time I needed a new inhaler and also some ADHD medications that he has been prescribing me for like about 9 years or so (been on them on some really low dosages). Everything seemed to be as usual and I didn’t even expected that something would change since my needs were the same as usual. But to be honest, I am not sure if this time I have seen the same doctor that I was usually meeting with. He was super strange, he flipped when I have asked about to give me some Xanax, and I have been like… but, the last time I filled 30 pills back in March and he still has called me an addict and has told me that I need some help in regards to this (and btw still has written me the script for them), than sleep, if you are going to take a look at my biography and my medical history you are going to see without big problems that I am having some big problems (I have such problems as pains, PTSD, anxiety and these things are a big problem for sleep and that’s why I need that frigging thing once or maybe twice per week)… I am being very serious when I was saying that I truly need a lot to use it 5 or like 7 times per month – he has told me that it is being counter indicated for my inhaler as they are not good with each other. Then I have told him… well, then I need to take clenbuterol yeah? (I was just joking… my deca/ clen/ vinny and other stuff like those days are long time ago over).
    And so he then started yelling at me that ‘you are being a former cop, you have served this country, and what have you turned into now…’ and then again, as with the xanax – he is still writing me a script in the end. Then here comes the next one.. comes the ADHD medication. He has went outside to smoke, comes back inside a bit later and is telling me: *you know very well that I am going to write you a script for them, but the problem is that your liver enzymes could get a bit elevated*. LOL… WTF? After all of this he is being worried about MY LIVER ENZYMES??? To be honest I lost it at this moment… I have nearly lost my mind at this appointment!
    As I said, this was SURELY something unexpected for me, because as I said – it was my usual and regular appointment at my doctor that I am usually having with my usual needs. What do you think about this? it is only my experience visiting my ‘regular doctor’ with my ‘regular needs’. Do you think that he just had a bad day or something in this matter? what else might have been the cause that he was like this? do you think that i lost his trust? why he has said all of that and in the end he still prescribed all I needed? Bad day? New controls? New rules? Like a rule for docs: give the medications to your patients but make sure to ruin their days?

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    To be honest, I am not very sure how it is all working in the US as I am not living there, however, over here in the UK, you are a client of the clinic and if any doctor in particular, but only one who is working at that clinic (somewhere like 5 to 8 doctors as much as I know in different shifts). Of course, you are allowed to request to visit the exact same doctor every single time you go in there, however, you need to weight that up against waiting later for an appointment. Anyhow, I personally am always trying to stick to the same doctor always, and I try to do that basically due to the fact that I feel that he knows me the best, therefore he knows my needs and he knows what how to treat me the best way possible, specifically based on my needs. Anyhow… getting to your point, pretty much depending on what exactly day of the week to what time of the day it is, his mood can change a lot depending very much on these. And also, of course, on his personal life as well. but I can guess that these guys are under a lot of sorts of pressure, and all sorts of scrutiny and so on and so forth. and in order to make matters even worse, you are only getting 10 minutes with them… at least unless you are going to schedule a double appointment which would make you a 20 minutes with him by MAXIMUM. I have even had him to use me as a sounding board from all of the stresses that he has been under that particular week and I know that it can be hard. And with all this being said, I can guess that it is all to be expected and if it does happen it shouldn’t surprise you really much… it might be as you said – a bad day so he wasn’t in mood. Therefore he was a bit mean. We just need to understand them IMO. In the end, we need to understand that these guys are not robots and a bad day can happen to anybody. What’s most importantly is that even if he had a bad day and was a bit mean – he still gave you the scripts that you need, ultimately this is what you went there for. And so, I think that as long as he just keeps on writing you the scripts for those medications that you actually need, then I doubt that there is something that you should be worried about. You might be worried if he wouldn’t do it. and I would be 100 times more worried about a doctor that talks as the nicest person you ever met but doesn’t give you the medications instead of a doctor that talks a bit rude, but gives all you need. All the best to you.

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    Ummm…. I’m not very sure if I got it right BUT… you are having a family doctor that it is taking a smoke break right in the middle of a patient consult?!?! I mean WTF?! Has he really done it?? there are just so so many things IMO that are so wrong with this scenario… how can he do that? I mean, that’s super strange. and plus to that, he talks about addiction while he can’t wait for a smoke. WTF? I honestly tink that your doctor is having some bigger problems that you do based on what you described. I’m just shocked. wow, I really cannot believe in this.

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    To be honest, I find it to be crazy the way that you have been treated during that doctor appointment that you had. I doubt that what you described up there is accepted for a doctor. And to be honest, it seems to me like he is the one who needs the medication more than you do. But yeah, as you said, I also think that there should have happened something that we just don’t know about (maybe personal life or whatever)… or maybe he got in trouble specifically with his work and so, he had a little bit of problems for writing too many scrips or something like this… therefore he was kind of ‘testing you out’. or maybe simply didn’t wanted to script them because of those problems but then realized that you are one of his patients that ACTUALLY need those meds and so he scripted them. there are a lot of *maybes* in my opinion… some personal issue that is completely unrelated to you and he might act like that either… you just happened to be the one he has taken it out on and that’s purely an accident… lots of different situations.
    Like for example, there’s my doctor that was bought out by a physician’s group and since then I can tell you that he is a completely different person right now, he has changed greatly both as a person and mostly as a doctor. Big changes… he is having a quota to see a crazy amount of patients every single day and this is definitely affecting him. Anyone would because as it was said earlier – he’s a human as well. and in addition to that he is also having a long list of some new rules. New rules with lots of patients per day with nearly anything new in your job life – that affects you doubtlessly. Now you can tell that he is stressed out big time and we all can see that. I just hope that this is temporary and I also hope for you that your doctor isn’t changed and that this is just a moment of his life. I understand that you want his normal self because I want my doctor normal self either.
    So let’s just hope that he’s going to be back to normal by the time that you are going to visit him the next time (in half a year I understand, right?). but to be honest, I can bet that he would. I doubt that there is something really serious.

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    honestly talking here, I am not being surprised by the terrible doctors anymore right now. I have heard just way too many stories which proves how terrible they can be and how terrible many of them actually are.
    I can write a post about my 3 hours of prayer and exorcism at my old doctor’s office. And all of that has been done only to get the 12 xanax being scripted to me which I truly actually needed. This has happened to me way back in 2005 and those docs are still in practice in my town and to be honest I am clueless why, how and so on and so forth. during in the time that I have been in my mid- late 20s with 2 small children (one was 2 years old and another 7 years old). I have had a very long history of panic as well as anxiety and I had even been hospitalized for panic attacks during the time I have been 18 years old. I have had written in my history all the reason to be given something for panic and anxiety and I have had absolutely 0 history or reasons or anything to suspect that I have been drug shopping or selling or whatever, and this has been my primary care doctor. I had then been transferred to the exorcist after my very much beloved doctor has quit the practice in order to spend some more time with her young son. She has had scripted me anxiety medications and understood. I have felt safe with her. When she has left she has said that they would keep my treatments the same. But sadly, they have had a very different attitude about the benzodiazepines.
    I’m just trying to say that this is not your fault and be sure about that. also trying to support you going through this unpleasant situation. I wish you all the best of luck to everyone who is suffering with an unsupportive and unhelpful doctor… I do know very well from my personal experience that it is very hard to find a good one.

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    Oh well… in the last couple of years, I have only met just one single nice doctor, all of the other rest that I ever met either were (and most likely still are) complete jerks, heartless and had some horrible attitudes. To be honest, I have no idea and I just can’t understand how they can get by talking to patients in the way that they do. There is nobody out there who wants to spend thousands just to waste a doctor’s time. I have some problems going on that needs to be addressed, however I just cannot find a doctor in order to take me seriously and to actually listen to my problems and to my needs. I was let go from my job 3 months ago, and so, now, I am not having an insurance, so I cannot see a doctor and it doesn’t matter how bad my issues are becoming. That’s horrible.

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    For my big infortune, my doctor that has been of 30 years has retired not so long ago and I am just not able to find another doctor to be anywhere near like him. He was a super doctor and I knew that it is going to be very hard to find another doctor like him, however I never thought that it would be so hard to find a doctor at least nearly as good as he was. He listened to me when I was saying something and he has been compassionate. He was really getting into my problem and I could see that he was really trying to help with my problem. I truly miss him very much. I am never going to find such a doctor and I nearly lost hope that I am ever going to be treated the way I used to be. the fact that these doctors are the way that you describe them to be do not surprise me anymore.

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    Every single patient is being assigned to a particular doctor at a clinic and they are getting paid every year for that patient and that’s even if that patient is never visiting on top of their salary. Plus to that, they are also getting paid for doing the additional services among which I can mention to give smoking advice on top of their salaries as well. if you are ever going to go to A and E, you are going to find out which doctor out there is your official doctor as it is going to have their name next to it. I personally am always trying to see the same doctor each time, however, because of the appointment times which are different I am just see whoever doctor is there. I am not able to talk about the US doctors or anything what’s in US since I don’t live in there, however I just know that the doctors in the UK are under a very big amount of stress, it is extremely big, in fact, it is getting sometimes so high that it gets to the point that many of them are simply dropping it out. thinking about it for a second we would know that there is also a lot of politics that are involved and doctors on the whole, I would say, they are not being nasty or uncaring at all when they are refusing to prescribe their patients medications. most of the time they are not able to do it, and not as if they don’t want to. I am having a GP parent that does agrees with my GP about the fact that it would be a good idea cutting my Z drugs and does have a little sympathy or patience when I am moaning about what I am getting or what I am not getting prescribed. And although having the sympathy still cannot help me. they just have to justify any scheduled medications and these are being checked constantly. And trust me that there is going to be no doctor who is going to risk an investigation over you. I really hope that this is going to help you at least a little bit to understand how it all actually works.

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    Although you were talking about the doctors and clinics in the UK, I can tell you that in some ways, many ways, it is pretty much the same in the USA too. The doctors are having a very large and hard work load and they have a very limited time to do all of this hard and much amount of work to do. It is obvious that they are under a lot of pressure and stress and it is not a big secret that doctors are taking medications themselves, meds like benzos. I just think that you have to speak up about all of the problems/ issues you have and want to discuss as the doctors surely do not think about you until they are going to see you in the exam. Pretty much like any other who isn’t going to see you. and this is the primary reason as to why you need to be an advocate for yourself and you should be a loved one for yourself as there isn’t going to be anyone who would care about you the way you would. And yeah, there are also doctors that have gone bad either. I did have had one like that and that doctor either hated his own patients and has went out of his way in order to cause more problems than they already were… like for example, this *super doctor* was very often ignoring his patients on purpose and plus to that he was not sending out that information that the patients have already asked it a lot of times to insurance and so that you can get the treatment. there are such doctors and I know it very well as one of them was my doctor, not trying to say that this is not true… needless to say that I dumped that doctor and out of curiosity, a while later, I have read reviews of this Dr. on a few doctor rating websites and everybody was talking about this doctor the same, no wonder… but they were all 100% true and accurate. That’s how I realized that those doctor rating websites were worth listening and reading. Anyway, as I have said, there’s no need to mention that he is currently completely out of my life (he’s dead to me). now I do realize that I have been a complete fool that I have wasted my time and put on so much effort into trying to resolve these things. Now that I think of it… I am quite sure that I have ditched him much earlier on.

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