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    please help me identify either this is what I think it is or no. as I have said in my title, the pill I got I think is Oxycodone, however I am not very sure. it is a small round A 214 pill, it is little round green pill so I believe that it is Oxycodone (no tylenol). can someone confirm? the thing is that I am currently using either 4 or 5 mg of percocet per day, and since now I am having these green things then I am honestly wondering either can I break them in like half and use them or it wouldn’t advisable to do so? and also, could you please tell me if they would have the same effect as Percocet is since they are having no tylenol or no? any help in this matter is going to be very much appreciated. thank you in advance and I hope I will get some good informative answers.

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    the pill that you are talking about A 214 it is indeed oxycodone, it is a 15 mg pill of oxycodone and it is an IR version (instant release). you have asked either is it going to be safe to break that pill in half. since I have said that it is an IR (instant release) then yes, it IS safe to break it. it is NOT safe to break/ chew/ crunch etc. the CR version of Oxycodone (Controlled Release) which isn’t releasing all the dosing immediately.
    regarding your other question on how effective it would be and would it be as effective as Percocet or not then I can tell you that yes, it should be as effective, however there are some people who do believe that the addition of the acetaminophen in the pill it is getting an increase in the effectiveness. either is that true or not I don’t have any information to support any of the statements, BUT I personally do not believe in this so I wouldn’t say that there would be differences. having that said, I do know that what I am going to say sounds brutal, but then again, this is exclusively only my opinion so you might want to do your research on this, but I personally am thinking that adding acetaminophen in it is doing nothing at all but making an excuse for them (big pharma companies) to charge more money out of people’s pockets under the pretext that it has acetaminophen (which is cheap) making the pill more potent (which is BS IMO) and PLUS to that acetaminophen just helps destroy people’s liver… which in turn would make those people go to exact those big pharma companies purchasing liver medications which, again, generates income. obviously I can’t prove this but in fact, I think that even if I would have anything that would prove my statement, those people there would make sure that I won’t be able to show the proofs to the world.

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    I think that it is just as effective so you could try it with no problem. however the is one problem, a problem that I always have found with the IR oxycodone – it is that it is always wearing off a lot much more quicker. I mean, I do know this is the way it should be since it is IR and CR, but with the IR that’s already a too short timing. the imprint on them of A 215 it means that it is 30 mg and I know because I have been on those forever and they really suck badly. at least for me. they are wearing off so quickly that you don’t even realize and you need to get another one and then you soon become a junkie due to the fact that they are so so damn hard to get stopped from being used.

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    hey there, I am not really able to give an answer to your question OP which I am sorry for this, but as you, I’m also here for getting a response to my own question, if that’s possible. please. the thing is that my doctor has been supposed to write a prescription to me for oxycodone 5 mg in the IR version tablets. said and done and everything seemed to be fine until I have arrived home. that’s because I didn’t even looked at that bottle until I have arrived home and on the bottle it was written oxycodone 15 mg IR tab and also there I have also found that it has had a description of those tablets on the bottle which said: Round Green Tablet Side 1: A 214. exactly as you said OP. this is the reason why I came here since it seems that we both have the same stuff. the thing is that these things are clearly seen that they are not individually typed out which is making possible for somebody to (accidentally, I suppose) write 15 mg instead of 5 mg. this means that the tablets are thrice as potent as those that I thought I would get. plus to that, the labels along with the paperwork the pharmacy prints including a description of the tablets on the bottle. please, all I need now it is someone to verify for me and tell me for sure that what I have described in this post it is actually oxycodone 15 mg IR tablets. I would appreciate it very much. thanks in advance for everything.

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    i can’t understand how someone can recommend you to cut an oxycodone pill. you people don’t know that it is dangerous to do so? OP and whoever else is wondering, I one wouldn’t recommend you to ever cut or to chew an oxycodone (pill). this is really dangerous to do so because there is a coating on them which is protect you from getting too much at a time which protects you from dangerous stuff. it is obvious that as soon as your break/ cut/ chew the pill the coating is broken so… just saying… you can do whatever you want, of course.

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    Cardillo, you should know that you are wrong and this information is incorrect as Oxycodone Immediate Release (IR) can be all cut, crushed, break it added to applesauce for example if there is somebody who has any difficulty to swallow pills, that’s due to the fact that the release mechanism it is exactly the same either way, regardless of what you do. that’s why they are immediate release. they would release either you cut the pill in half and take it or swallow it whole. so if there is someone who has Oxycodone IR then he/ she might do it. you are right, however, if we are talking about Oxycodone ER (extended release) which we were not. but if one has Oxycodone ER which is also known as Oxycontin (and most likely what you were talking about) then it should never be crushed, chewed, cut and so on and so forth because yes indeed it might have something to do with a coating which might protect you from getting a too big dose but surely yes, if doing any of those actions mentioned above then it is going to turn into an IR pill. about the coating I have said that it might be so because I am not 100% sure, but from as much as I know the coating on the Oxycontin has nothing, in fact, to do with its release mechanism as it is being there only for the color identification and most likely to aid in swallowing, however the release mechanism is in the way the pill is being dissolved whole. so then again, Oxycodone IR can be cut and crushed while Oxycodone ER (aka Oxycontin) should not ever be cut or crushed and it always should be swallowed whole.

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      if I would be a mod of this forum site I would remove your post since bad information it is harmful and it does not matter either this is a forum site or an medical statement since you never know who could read it. since I can’t, unfortunately, delete this post, I just wanted to correct this unbelievable wrong information and potentially dangerous advice given here.

      for once and ever, everybody should finally think and realize that pills CAN NOT be split/ cut/ crushed, chewed or anything else that would make the pill get into spare parts. a pill should be taken as it is. it never should be split in halves or third if they are not scored as such. the pills are mixed to some exact and specific measurements and if a pill is not being scored then the active ingredients in that pill are unevenly distributed throughout the pill which makes it not working as it should. in short, that is to say that you could cut that pill in half, or maybe even in third, and take half of that pill and you got none (or very little) of the medicine. or nearly all of it.

      and the exact same thing applies with a scored pill because if it IS scored then the active ingredient in the pill IS evenly distributed which means that you CAN break it in two and to get an even dosage of those medications. that’s because those medications (pills) are intended to be cut. but I also often see people saying to cut the pill in THREE! I mean, you just can’t stupidly break it in 3 though and that’s because there is no telling on how much or on how little you are going to be getting because you just can’t break that pill in 3 exact parts.

      whether you are prescribed medications by your doctor or you are only using them recreationally you can absolutely and totally be safe about it and you surely can control your intake, but you’ve just got to make sure that you are not going to listen to all and any idiot with the connection to the internet. and yeah, that’s including me as well, all you have to do is to verify all the information on some reputed medical sites (since there are lots of them!). I really hope that this information is going to keep you people safe and would make you ‘wake up’ and be safe.

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    hi people. I just wanted to say somethin in regards of tylenol and as it has been mentioned earlier above in somebody’s post, tylenol is just destroying your liver. period. this is the reason why anything without it is going to be better. one of the most common mistake that people use to make (from my observations) is that they are judging the medicine’s strength by the ‘highest’ number that it is written on the prescription. here is an example of what I’m trying to say: people see 5/500 and they are saying ‘oh, these ones are good, they must be really potent’ and that’s since they see that there is the 500 number which is quite a large number. however they don’t think that actually the opposite is in fact true. that’s due to the fact that the higher the first number is, the more potent is the drug, like for example 5 in our case, it is the actual amount (in mg) of the narcotic in the time that the second number, which is obviously larger, is just showing the amount of the tylenol, aspirin, or whatever else found in the medication (also in mg). having that said 5/500 is containing only 5 mg of actual narcotic and 500 mg of something that destroys your liver and barely touches the pain. would this thing work better? I really doubt a lot this. people tend to think that 10/250 (for example) is less potent than 5/500 since the total amount in the first case is 260 mg of substances while in the second the total amount is 505 mg. but 5 mg of actual narcotic is doing a LOT much more job than 250 mg of aspirin/ tylenol or whatever else. so the bigger amount doesn’t mean a better or more potent medication. it is only in people’s head. typically they are thinking this way due to the fact that this is what they are used to taking. and yeah, nobody tells you that you must believe my words only, you are always able to do a little bit of testing if you do not believe me. take a 500 mg of tylenol tablet with the other medication. if you are thinking that you are feeling it more then… very well… you most likely need to go and visit a psychiatrist due to the fact that I have not seen tylenol’s effects to change and the last time I have checked them – it provided no euphoric side effects. so if you need something that is more potent then better do your research and find out the amount of each ingredient in that pill and remember… 5 mg of a narcotic would provide a better pain relief than 500 mg of tylenol aspirin or something in this matter. and yeah, it is known that the more narcotics you take the higher the chances you would get addicted to it but at least, hey, you know that your liver is safe.

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    I can see what others are saying here in regards of the tylenol but despite what you people are saying I still think that the addition of the tylenol or the acetaminophen is a good thing and that’s because it is heightening the potency of the oxycodone and that’s a proven scientific fact. this is the reason why they are being manufactured, prescribed, sold and used in one tablet that contains both. it is made so the person could take a lower dosage of narcotic and achieve a better pain relief. indeed, tylenol can be dangerous if it is being taken for a longer period of time, but so is oxycodone, so none of them are designed to be taken for a long period of time. that is why, you take them both to potentiate the effects of each other. and so, while you are getting the better of the 2, the 2 of them together is still better. I know it because I have used to think that tylenol isn’t helping at all for such kind of pains as I had especially when put along with oxycodone. however I could definitely see a difference when I was taking oxycodone alone and when I was taking oxycodone with tylenol. so, again, despite what other people are thinking, there’s just one truth so either you ignore it or not – that’s the truth. but you can always just get a bottle of tylenol and take one with one. do the same experiment as I have done and see it yourself.

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    well, look, you might be right on that and indeed acetaminophen might potentiate the narcotic, but even so I would still choose to avoid acetaminophen whenever it is possible to do it. that’s because it is extremely toxic to the liver and to the kidneys and there are just too many people who are using 5 to 10 percocets per day who do not really think and realize, over time, how the tylenol it is damaging their liver and/ or kidneys. it is no wonder why you might feel so bad from drinking one beer while taking tylenol. what I am trying to say is that it is simply not worth it and it really does not matter how much it is ‘boosting’ the narcotic effects (which it still may or it also may NOT be true). and then again, although narcotics are indeed dangerous because of their dependency liability, I consider that acetaminophen it is even more dangerous. kind of like ‘silent death’ you don’t feel anything, you can stop using it, you don’t seem to feel bad and nothing in this matter but it still is steadily killing you (your liver).

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    yeah, I agree with the person above and I obviously am not purchasing them either, to be honest, I do think that it is only a way to charge more money and to kill your liver which would make them charge even more money for liver medications, as I have said it in my other post. and in the hydrocodone’s case either. if it helped the effects would be so so minimal that I would hardly consider it a factor, I am challenging anyone to blind test a percocet 10 to an oxy IR 10 mg. come back here with an update on this.

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