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    Hello there everybody, please help me with whatever you can… is there anybody who is able to direct me to a specific benzodiazepine withdrawal thread, please? If that’s possible? Or to anything that’s in regards to withdraw from the benzodiazepine. Anything that might be helpful for me. as you can see it being said in the title, I need to reduce my valium intake so I would really like to get some advices on this. must mention that I am not using any high doses (I usually use anywhere between 5 to 10 mg) at night for my insomnia problem, however I still can feel that I am going to benefit from cutting it down a little bit.
    So, is there anything that you can help me with, please? I would welcome any of your recommendations. Thanks a lot for everything!

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    Well, take my advice with a grain of salt but… I would recommend you to try cold turkey method… we are all reacting differently to medications so you never know. At least I tell you this because I personally have never had absolutely any issues cutting down cold turkey so I thought that maybe that’s going to be helpful for you too, or I mean, maybe it would work for you too as much as it did for me. however, if you are worried that this isn’t going to work out for you, and as I can see you say that you use 10 mg of this valium every night, you could cut the dose in half for a week and so on. I mean, you said you use 5 – 10 mg a night. I can bet that you use 10 mg most often. Now, for a week or so take just 5 mg. for another week 2.5 mg, then either stop or take 1.25 mg for another week and then you’re good to stop. These are the only methods I can recommend – cold turkey or gradual taper. Benzodiazepines are having a long half life, and that’s especially valium. Read about it more. In fact, there are a lot of information here on the site and on google as well. wishing you all the best and hopefully you’re going to be fine.

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    Hey there OP, the previous poster said it right – everybody is different and therefore everybody reacts different to different medications and different methods of stopping them. however it is also true that your dose seems to be pretty small to me and that’s why, exactly as said by the previous poster – cold turkey can be a method indeed. But also tapering each week is going to be a nice approach as well IMO. From 10 mg to 5 mg and then if you are having a pill cutter you are able to quarter the 5s and take 1.25 mg as said. I personally think that it greatly depends on what you have to use it for, however I still think that coming off 10 mg it shouldn’t be way too hard. Kind regards and good luck.

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    Well, as much as I know there is The Ashton guide or manual or something in this matter. you could search for that Ashton guide somewhere and as much as I know it should be really helpful. You might google it as I’m not very sure if you are going to find it here on the forum. But imo it shouldn’t be hard to find it. plus I agree on the fact that the dosage isn’t that big and therefore it shouldn’t be a big problem to get off it. wishing you all the best.

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    Hi there, I’ve done this myself so I hope I can help you with something. What I can assure you is that it is pretty much easy in terms of minimal unpleasant feelings and I’m not telling you this just because to calm you down. it is indeed not as bad as it CAN be and that’s because, as other people said it here earlier, the dosage isn’t that high.
    I was using pretty much a double dose than the one you use – been on 15 – 20 mg of valium every single night and then later, when this dosage has stopped from working, I have taken the decision that I have to reduce the dosage down instead of what many other people are doing – to further increase the dosage to make it more effective. I realized that I can’t increase the dosage further infinitely and there’s going to be a time when the dose is going to be too high. but the higher the dose it – the harder it is to stop and that’s a fact everyone knows.
    So well, I have went down from 15 mg for a few days to 10 mg for a full week on it, then later I dropped more so I was on 6 mg (I couldn’t take 5 mg – I had to decide either 4 mg or 6 mg because I had only 2 mg tablets by that time and I thought that with 4 mg it could be too much of a drop and that’s why I stuck at 6 mg) and been on it for approximately 2 weeks (the lower the dosage, the harder it is). having that said, this is why when I went down to 4 mg I was using this dosage for a few weeks and plus to that, I have extended the 4 mg per night regimen due to the fact I had a lot of social engagements as well as travel events and also an extremely stressful few days when I have nearly lost one of my cats because of some health issue from diabetes that were to the point of life threatening issues. while I realize that for some this might not seem as a problem – for me my cats are like my children.
    Very well, I am currently on a 2 mg per night regimen. Currently it is doing nothing for me (I mean, it doesn’t have any good effects on me), however I do understand very well that if I ever want this valium to ever work for me ever again (like for example in some small dosages like for example 5 mg), then I need to stop. I realize that my tolerance is already too high so I shouldn’t take it every day to lower it down. I haven’t decided yet, but I think that I’m gonna try to completely stop using it for a while and not to take it for a good while. Then later if I am going to re start taking it, say at 5 mg dose, and I won’t be taking it every night but only as needed – I think I have good chances that it will continue working and serving me a long time.
    Btw, something that you might know but I still think you should have it mentioned: a longer taper is less unpleasant – but it is longer in terms of time. a shorter taper is more unpleasant, but you’re going to be clear sooner. I went the longer one and as I said initially – in terms of unpleasant withdrawals I had very little. Wish you good luck!

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    Hello there braymond, I do agree with Serrano’s advice that he had for you and I hope that you’re going to take it. well, I personally would say that in case you are using either 5 or 10 mg per night then you need to switch to only 5 mg every single night for a little while, and then later, after maybe 2 weeks or so to cut them in half and to do 2.5 mg for a few weeks more and as it was recommended, you might even try the 1.25 mg for some weeks either if you can quarter the 5 mg pill. This is in terms of tapering down. as for the cold turkey… well, to be honest, if you seriously think to stop cold turkey right now then I would say that it would be completely do- able. Of course it should be somewhat uncomfortable at first – I do realize this very well and you must prepare that those are not going to be the best of your days, however I have some big doubts that it is going to be dangerous or that it is going to be unbearable, and that’s especially since, as it has already been mentioned by somebody else out there – this valium is having an extremely long half life (so much that it is going to take it some weeks until it is going to fully get out of your body). by saying this I try to say that the substance isn’t flushed out of your body immediately so you are pretty much out of the risk zone – because of the long half life and because of low dosage. But anyway, even after all this being said – tapering it is still and always the safest method to go. It just requires time. I do know this myself very well… only this thought about stopping something cold turkey is already freaking me out and getting petrified… it feels as if I am going to go through full blown withdrawal and that’s even if I am not going to get any withdrawal… this is due to the fact that I’m just so so scared I’m going to… this is why I say that in case you are alike to me then tapering down is going to put your mind at ease and it is going to be a better method for you. but as you can see as someone else mentioned earlier- they don’t have any problems going cold turkey. If you are like them you can go that method. It very much depends on what you feel like.
    In the end, what really matters is that coming off of a dosage as small as yours is surely going to be an easy way to go and an bearable cold turkey discontinue if you go cold turkey and a quick taper if you go tapering method. Hopefully this is going to be helpful.

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    And yeah, in addition to that… simply to hopefully add a little bit of reassurance for you here… when I have been using the 20 mg of valium per night, I have been alternating it with 1.25 mg of alps as well and this has also not been doing very much for me any more… unfortunately. Anyway… I have been mostly preferring the alps and this is why I basically have done a joint taper. This means that I have discontinued (reduced to be more exact) to use both of them in the same time, using the longer lasting valium in order to soften any alps withdrawal side effects which I know that they are much harder to deal with. I then I have went down to 15 mg of vaium with also 0.5 mg of alps and then later with 10 mg of valium along with 0.25 mg of alps. I forgot to mention this since you are specifically on valium so I was mentioning only this. but then I realized how important it actually is to mention that I was on alps as well and that I tapered both of them simultaneously. Luckily for me, I have then later remained on the 10 mg of valium in the time when I completely have stopped to use the alps and I have not even noticed this, I mean, I barely have felt anything at all… and only after that I have continued with the valium taper alone. This is one of the reasons why I remained on 10 mg for a bit longer. I was afraid that I might still get alps withdrawals. The point being – I went down off 2 benzos simultaneously, one of which is the one you were taking and a double dose of it. with this being said, you are much better than I was when I started tapering.
    Also I can say here… to be honest… when I have been on the higher dosages, my body simply was not feeling very well… I haven’t been feeling very well overall. I am not very sure but I think that while been on those high doses, I have been getting through the withdrawals even during the day. That’s how bad it is. the shaking… jelly legs… the sniffles, the low blood pressure stuff and so on and so forth… it was all really bad, and I have felt very unstable in general, as I said, my body wasn’t feeling right on those higher doses.
    And you know… then later, as soon as I have reduced my dosage a bit more… that all has went away and it has not come back since… that’s how I know that it was because of those higher dosages. I find this to be ironic to be honest… I mean, I have been feeling more withdrawal like sensations and feelings in the time that I have not been tapering yet and I did felt fine in the time that I was actually tapering down. LOL. the body knows what it needs and seemingly my body was screaming at me: STOP GIVING ME THIS CRAP!

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