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    Hi everyone. I would like to talk about the anti inflammatory medication called Meloxicam. I am using it for my arthritis and I have been using it for the last few months now… since I am using it for some months now, I guess it is obvious that in my opinion this is a good drug, however I do know that it is not 100 %. I also got to mention that I am taking 7.5 mg of it every day. Well… I guess I should explain why do I think that this is a good drug and why I am thinking that it is not 100% so for doing that I am going to share with your what are the pros and the cons about it:
    So, the good sides of it are: I am only having to use one single pill a day. This thing it is an anti inflammatory and it is a pain reliever either so since it is having a long half life, one pill is working for the entire day… at least, for me, it is working for a good 10 hours or so. I personally would say that the strength of this thing is anywhere close to take like about 800 mg of ibuprofen or so. or at least that’s from my observation and experiments that I had in the last months. In addition to it, the best what I am getting out of this meloxicam is that it is very gentle on the tummy, especially compared to the ibuprofen which we all know that it is not as gently on the tummy at all… the side effects with the meloxicam are minimal for me if at all, so that’s a good thing, of course.
    However, there are obvious the cons with it… this might sound strange, but although it has a long half life, it is not enough because it is working ONLY for a good 10 hours or so… it is not working for 24 hours… plus to that, it has taken quite a while for the medication to build in my system…. What I am trying to say is that this is not a drug that I have taken once and I have immediately felt better by taking it (my doctor has told me that this would be the case, and to be patient, give meloxicam a few weeks to maybe one month in order to really see its benefits and some good results). What I try to say is that this drug must be taken for a while until you see the benefits and my doctor warned me about it. another thing which is not so good about it is that meloxicam it is an NSAID and since it is one, I am not able to use any other NSAIDs in case I am getting a headache so I’ve got to endure it. this thing and the fact this stuff is only working for 10 hours it is the most annoying things for me. of course I have told these things to my doctor and he has recommended me to stack meloxicam with acetaminophen, however I admitted to my doctor that I was not really keen on this idea and so I refused…. Mostly because I do not like the acetaminophen to start with…
    I’ve got to mention here that I am having a muscle relaxer and hydrocodone for those really bad days and break through pain which I occasionally get. in addition to that, I am having some major back problems too, and therefore the muscle relaxer and the narcotic…
    Now… what it is the ideal drug for the arthritis??? In fact… is there such a drug at all? I would really like to know more about this and obviously to talk with other people and see what is your opinion on what is working the best for you and your arthritis… I am an open person and I am open to new ideas and trying other medications if they are any better because I do realize that there might be others that are better… however… I simply just don’t know which one could be a better drug for me and my needs. The doctor has written me a script for meloxicam for 6 months and I am ok with that… I mean, since it is doing a good job with it, I guess that I am going to stick with it until the medication refill time so most likely I am going to take it as needed until then. However, in case there is anybody who is having any other recommendations or any other suggestions for me and my needs for my condition etc. then I am all ears… I would really much appreciate to hear from you, this might help me a lot… I mean…. I do know that some stuff might be less helpful but I do realize that there might be something else that might be much more helpful… and I am willing to give a try to find that out.
    In addition to this, I guess that I must add that I am using topical OTC capsicum as well as menthol with aspirin rubs either. I do think that these ones are helpful either but there’s one problem… I am currently thinking that the menthol/ aspirin rub it is not a very good idea anymore and that’s since I am using meloxicam now and I am not very sure how good of an idea it is to use both at same time. I am using the rubs when I am having a flare or some kind of a super sore and tight muscles in my back. Those are doing a good job in relaxing those muscles. And yeah, I do know very well that exercising and moving around it is one of the best things that I am able to do for my pains, generally having an active lifestyle helps a lot. I’ve been said this a lot of times and I have noticed it myself multiple times. Plus to that I can also mention here that some hot showers are also being helpful because as we know, they are relaxing our muscles, exactly what I need… plus, staying well hydrated is helpful either from as much as I have noticed… plus to that, eating good foods are anti inflammatories either… eating junk food makes it all worse… I’m trying all my best to do all of them, of course… anyhow… looking forward into getting your responses, I would love it… and I would love even more to go at least one day without suffering from pains…

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    Well… you said that you are getting the effects for only 10 hours but…. Have you ever tried to double up the dosage per day? I mean… you get 7.5 mg and after 10 hours you get another 7.5 mg and that’s not 24 hours but that’s 20 and that’s definitely better, isn’t it? I find it to be the only way to get the relief for that much and then to add hydro as needed… I guess at night. What kind of muscle relaxer are you currently on? This might play a role either… I personally am also having Lyrica and in case you are also on Lyrica or ever will be then pay big attention not ever take too many of this one… like for example to re take your dosage or accidentally take more or whatever… I have done it by accident and that has been really intense and absolutely no fun at all…

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    Hey there OP, I am not sure how helpful this would be but I think that you could try to use something like for example the Lodine XL… this is a good stuff, it is an extended release NSAID that is comparable to MOBIC with a longer action… this might be solving your problem with the fact that it is working for only 10 hours. but this is still an NSAID so you won’t be able to take any other NSAID in case you get a headache either… anyhow, I hope this will be helpful.

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    Hello OP, I am not sure what I can help you with to be honest… I do have arthritis but in my old world of living with arthritis naproxed has worked very well for me… and there’s something that tells me that you have already tried naproxed… I personally have never used meloxicam though… but I did heard about it… my vet gave it to me for my dog. When I went searching for it… the only way that I have ever heard of that was the liquid brand name for vets, the price has went up to over 100 bucks, I have done a research and I have then found out about the generic name meloxicam tablets which were in doses of 7.5 mg and I have paid as low as 4 bucks for it at the Walmart… that’s the business and the way that they are trying to rip off money out of us… anyhow, if there are dog owners here who want to give their dogs naproxen beware: depending on the size of your dog, the meloxicam tablet of 7.5 mg must be cut either in half or in 1/4s, do not give a full tablet to your dog! OP, all that I can recommend you is naproxen… in case you never tried it then I think it is going to be a good idea to give it a try. Good luck!

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    Hello there everybody, I wanted to say big thanks to each one of your for replying to my post, I appreciate it a lot. I’m also sorry for not responding back earlier… there were a couple of work projects added at my job so I didn’t had the time to come back here responding. Well, I’ve got to say that it turned out that I have started to swell with meloxicam and that’s why, I have had to stop using it… oh well… no more meloxicam for me…
    Paula, I am using flexeril as my muscle relaxer and usually I am taking it once per day and that’s before going to bed so I can sleep. I am taking the hydrocodone for the break through pain when it gets too much and there’s nothing that can help me with it. lately, my physician has recommended me to try out Aleve and said to take like one or maybe 2 pills per day, that’s since I am not using meloxicam (a few days ago), however this drug is not actually working very well for me and that is why I refused to try go with the Aleve and I am back to use the 800 mg of ibuprofen one time per day in case I am getting really really achy. As I said in my previous post, this seem to be quite the same as 7.5 mg of meloxicam.
    Ridgy, I am really really thankful to you for your recommendation but I am not sure if I can try it out… that’s because my doctor has told me that in case I am swelling with one scripted anti inflammatory rug then I am going to do the same with any other out there so pretty much… anti inflammatories are not good for me, I guess.
    lawyn100, in the time that I have been doing some research on the meloxicam, I have found out that this is a commonly scripted stuff for dogs either… I do understand what you tried to say… however, it never ceases to amaze me how many of the human drugs are also being used off label for animal needs and conditions. In case this does makes any sense… anyhow, this is super strange to me, and as I said… this amazes me.
    anyhow, thank you once again to each one of you for answering… I would really love to find a way to get rid of the aching, of the swelling and pains… however, to be honest, I start thinking that this is never going to happen anymore…

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    Theron that’s super strange what you are saying, I mean, what your doctor is saying… is this a rheumatologist who has told you all of that? what I am trying to say is that in case 800 mg of ibuprofen does not cause swelling then it is very and very unlikely that another NSAID would, even though they are all having slight differences and that means that there’s always a slight chance this to be true, however the chances are pretty small.

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    Ridgy, no, it was not the rheumatologist, it has been my internal med/ family doctor. However what you have said is really really interesting, at least I found it to be really interesting… I am definitely going to share this with my doctor and see what he’s going to tell about it. and you know… I did felt exactly the same way about doctor when he has said that about anti inflammatories couldn’t be scripted for me… when I’m doing fine on the ibuprofen 800 mg…

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