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    Hi there all. I would like to get a little bit of your valuable insight which I will appreciate a lot!

    so, to make you understand better what I need I’ve got to say that I am now studying at home and that’s because school is not suited for me. at the moment I am having sleeping issues for the last 3 years or so… it is very hard for me to sleep and I’ve found it that hard for all this time. it is obvious that I have tried to talk to a doctor about this and he has prescribed me melatonin for my issues, however it has absolutely no effect on me at all and that’s even if I have tried 3 times more the dosage prescribed to me. I am having constant issues with my sleeping schedule and sleep patterns and the only single way to fix it is just not to sleep until like 8 AM so the schedule is resetting but then it lasts for maximum one week or so. I did have told it all to my doctor and I did have told him that melatonin isn’t working. after that he simply said that I’ve got to get my melatonin dose higher, but as I said, I’ve already tried 3 times more the initial dosage he gave me with no effects… and so.. I have then heard about kratom which is supposed to help with such kind of situations and now I have been wondering for like a week if a decent amount and quality of kratom could make it all better?! I mean, there must be people who have used kratom and can tell me more about this. I want all of this to get… easier… to use it like once every week when my sleep schedule is going to get messed up once again I could swallow a bit of kratom so it could knock me out to sleep normally. the reason why I ask you specifically about kratom is that this is an natural stuff, compared to those other sleeping pills so I want something natural… I don’t really trust any pharmacy drugs and I guess you do know very well why, plus I think there are lots of people like me.

    anyway, now I can tell you that the only ever thing that seem to be able to really fix it has been weed, however it could also destroy it in some way… but that was not all because besides this, I really don’t like weed anymore and I don’t want to use it anymore… because of using it I have started to become very lazy and I’ve started to develop the short term memory because of this and it was horrible… in fact, I can tell you that I’ve noticed that my general performances has decreased since I’ve started to use it and it got better back again when I’ve stopped to use it.

    whatever the case, one other of my issues is my difficulty to concentrate. I am having some really big issues with this one. I mean, I just can’t focus for like 50 minute straight, that’s such a big problem for me! I mean, I do know that there are things to distract you so I spotted them. that is why, if I am studying at home, I am turning off my phone, I am blocking the entertaining sites and I’ve allowed only EDU sites and I have even deleted my facebook account (that’s how serious I am about this) but the problem is that even so – I am still managing to get distracted somehow!!! I mean, that’s such a big issues that I am starting to think about the most freaking useless stuff that you could ever imagine and I am just keep on rolling on my chair like that.

    and if I am going to the library where everybody is quiet (of course) and you are having kind of that pressure that other students are going to look strange at you if you are not studying hard enough (I guess you know what I am talking about) then I am still somehow managing to get distracted. I don’t often even realize how I am not studying anymore and I think about weird useless things. that’s just so annoying and hard to do stuff because I just keep on thinking about all the useless stuff and there is no way that I could somehow strictly focus for 5 minute straight without getting distracted by something. the thing is that I did have been googling information about kratom (I don’t expect anyone to simply give me an answer) but the problem is that I am not able to find either kratom is good for studying or not… the reason is that I did have seen some people saying some very good stuff about it who said that this is a very good stuff when you can’t focus and you need to study, but I have also seen other people that are discouraging this. that’s why I want to ask what do you guys think? why you think that other people think it is not good for my situation? I am planning to use it at maximum 3 day per week and that’s in some low doses (because I don’t want it to knock me out when I want to study) spread out trough the entire week.

    it is obvious that I have tried to search for simple solutions, but I switched from a coffee every morning to a nespresso since my parents were thinking that it is going to be better for me, however I am only feeling strange from drinking coffee, I definitely am not feeing to be focused when I drink it… so, now, please help me with this situation. any tips would be highly appreciated as I need some help from experienced members (like if Kratom could be useful to me which kind would suit me and so on and so forth).

    and yeah, by the way, I’ve got to say that I do know that there are some countries where purchasing and using kratom might be illegal, but where I live everything is fine as it is fully legal so I can freely purchase it. and one last thing here… I am sorry for any grammar mistakes that I might have done or for any expression errors because I am not a native english speaker so… I want to say thank you in advance for everything, I am hoping for your responses.

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    hi there. in my own opinion, kratom it is worth to at least give it a try in terms of improving your concentration. the reason why other people said that kratom isn’t any good for concentration is that people report very different effects from using it. kratom is working completely different for lots of people and this is the reason why I said that it is worth to at least try it. you never know if you’re going to be among those who find it helpful or among those who don’t. but please, if you see that it is not helping you, don’t try to ultimately get your dosage higher in order to try to make to helpful because you have bigger chances that it won’t become helpful but most likely detrimental for you. if you feel that you must get the dosage higher then please, do it reasonably and wisely. in the beginning start with a low dosage (like for example 3 g) and just keep a substance log and do not re dose in the beginning. start it slowly and keep it low. this is relatively safe. in the beginning you must see what it does for you and only then to experiment by taking higher doses, re dosing or whatever else and even then, with maximum cautiousness. but that’s for the concentration part.

    please, do not try to get ‘knocked out’ by a high dosage of kratom or you’ll most likely regret it. if you do it, it is very likely that it would make you feel completely miserable. this is the reason why I tell you that it is much better to closely observe what kratom is doing to your sleepiness and only then to use that knowledge you would gain to your advantage. as I have said it, kratom is very unpredictable since it works very differently for different people and exactly as it helps some people with concentration and others don’t get any help from using it – the same goes for insomnia, kratom does help some while others are not getting any help from it. one very important thing here that you shouldn’t forget is that kratom can get you hooked up and that’s why you’ve got to be really careful on what you do otherwise you might find yourself addicted to it (one other reason why you’ve got to start really slow). as for your sleep issues you might also want to have a look at some other sleep inducing methods which might be helpful for you, such methods as: Valerian root (which is OTC); H1 antihistamines (like for example diphenhydramine, but pay attention that it works only for short time) (also is OTC), and also there are ‘heavy’ sleep inducing things such as benzodiazepines (like for example diazepam and many others, but you’ve got to pay attention to the risk of addiction that it has), (these ones can be gotten only by prescription).

    I can tell you that in the past, I have been using diphenhydramine one time per week for the exact same reason as you have described up there: in order to reset my sleeping schedule. I’ve got to tell you that it has worked quite good for me, that’s why I have recommended it to try for your insomnia. however I have now switched to melatonin that I am currently using myself due to the fact that it is feeling a little bit more gentle to me and natural, but since you said that melatonin isn’t doing any good for you then I don’t say anything else more about it. in regards for kratom, I also use it but I am limiting my use to recreational purposes only and so, in this way, it is remaining effective and that’s why I do not need to dose it up more. hoping this will be helpful for you. good luck!

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    oh wow. thanks, I’ve really got amazing response, thank you a lot for your very ‘seem- to- be’ helpful recommendation! but I also wanted to ask, if you don’t mind, what type of kratom are you recommending me to use? the reason that I ask is, of course, while I was searching for kratom, I’ve seen that there are a lot of types of it, so since I’m a complete newbie in all of these things, I am wondering which one would be the best for me. could you, please, help me with this thing either? thanks once again for everything!

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    well, since you are all new to kratom, I really think that the first thing that you’ve got to do is to read into the subject… I mean, everything that you can… drug information, addiction threads regarding kratom, experience reports, guide to purchase and to use kratom, what to expect, side effects etc. etc. in short, everything. so you could have an idea what this kratom is. if, after you read all of it, you still decide to order and use it, then you might want to have a look at the sample packs which can be helpful to you as a newbie. know that there are many shops who are offering them so it shouldn’t be a problem for you to get some and that’s why, in this way you are going to be able to try some different types of kratom at a reasonable price. the reason why I recommend you this is, of course, different types of kratom works differently for each person too, so you might want to try them all yourself first (or some of them).

    but I am still going to try to make you have a general idea about each ones of them (at least those that I know and have at least some experience with). now, it is said that the red vein kratom is having a generally calming effect and it is known that it has stimulating effects if it is being used in low dosages, however it is getting more and more sedating effects the higher the dosage that you take, that’s why you’ve got to pay a big attention to what is the dosage you take depending on what you are looking for. now, then there is the white vein kratom which is similar in effects to red one, however is over all having more of a stimulating effect than sedating, though you still shouldn’t exclude it. then there’s the green vein kratom which is something that is more like in between those ones. I personally, more or less, do agree with this common opinion, even though I do find the stimulating properties of the red vein kratom rather subtle and I really do think that the effects of the green vein kratom is coming closer and closer to being red than to white, but then again, this is my opinion so maybe someone might feel it differently.

    now, there are some cases when you are just not being said what type of kratom they are offering you to buy. I would strongly recommend you to be very cautious in such kind of situations. the reason is that very often times, such kind of products that are being labeled as ‘Thai Pimps’ or also ‘Thai Maeng Da’ or something like these, are blends of various strains and batches so pay attention to this. most of the time, of course, they are being marketed as being a high quality products (which is obvious that everyone who wants to sell them would do it), however you are never going to know for sure unless you are going to try them out yourself. as I have mentioned it a little bit earlier in my post, reading the ‘guide how to purchase kratom’ can be very and very helpful, especially for newbies. and yeah, since there are such kind of guides, don’t you wonder why? something else that you’ve got to remember is that there are also such kind of ‘enhanced’ products and extracts and I did have tried those ones too so I can say from my personal experience that there are SOME (by far not all) that do seem to be a little bit more potent than those claimed ‘normal’ products, however again, there are not many of them and not by much. of course, if you would ever find such kind of ‘enhanced’ products/ extracts they are going to claim that it is twice or thrice more potent – that’s all bullsh*t, at least from my experience. and now, given the fact that they are usually, obviously, much more expensive than the ‘simple’ ones, in most cases it is much better to go with a higher quality of the so called ‘normal’ or ‘simple’ product than with the enhanced sort which you pay a significant price over and you get little, that’s unless you’re a billionaire which I doubt 😀

    next thing is that the promoted variety or alleged origin of the material does not help very much at all. it is obvious that you could use it in order to identify a product that you have found it useful and helpful and so to order it once again as long as you like it. however it is saying absolutely nothing reliable about the product itself. the ‘bali’ kratom, you should know, does not necessarily come from Bali and the ‘Sumatra’ kratom isn’t per se weaker or any stronger than Borneo kratom. remember that this is basically only a brand name and nothing more which can greatly vary from vendor to vendor, shop to shop, country to country etc. as an example, there might be one shop that may sell you ‘Thai Red Vein’ that you really like a lot and is being very helpful for you, but then there you find another shop that may offer a product under the exact same name ‘Thai Red Vein’ that you are going to find it being just half as potent as yours. this is the reason why I barely can help you with anything at all… unfortunately, you really need to try a pretty big variety of different kratom products from different vendors in order to have a really good idea of what’s everything out there and understand what I am talking about. and especially since, we all do know it very well, the reviews on a lot of sites (if not all) could be very well manipulated so trusting them is a big mistake. anyway, if you are really interested in kratom then you are going to try it and slowly but steadily you would learn more and more about it and later you would know very well what to do, what to take, how much, where, prices etc. etc. so I hope that you’re going to learn it all as soon as possible.

    besides all of this, I do think that there is something that you really must know and it is the thing that there are some kind of substances that are believed to increase the effects of kratom… enhancing them, these are so called potentiators. in addition to that, there are some other facts that are affecting the kratom effectiveness, such factors as how full your stomach is – this definitely is influencing its potency. but if you’re going to do a general learning and research in regards of kratom you are going to find this too and you would see that there are a lot of different threads in regards of this problem and it is recommendable that you are aware of that. and I would also recommend you read absolutely all factors that can influence kratom potency as this might help you to avoid those that decreases its effectiveness and take those that are enhancing them. but then once again… please, don’t forget that kratom, although all natural, isn’t as safe as you might think. besides the fact that it also have some side effects too, you’ve got to remember that you can end up being addicted to kratom and as soon as it becomes a habit and you’re addicted – getting off it would be hard!

    and one last thing here that I wanted to share with you is that you’ve got to know that there are chances that absolutely all types of kratom may work for you, however in the same time there are chances that maybe not a single one would work for you. you’ve got to remember this. If I would want to increase my concentration with kratom then I guess that I would most likely go with the ‘low dosage green vein’. however, I have never used it for such a purpose. and subsequently, I really have no idea if it would do the trick necessary for ME, not mentioning for you. again, there is nobody who can say either of kratom products can be helpful for you or not. the only way to find this out is to take it yourself. if you are going to someday gain such kind of experience in this area then it is going to be amazing if you would come back here and sharing it on this forum and maybe on this thread. at least I one would appreciate it very much as I think many other people would. I wish you good luck and I really hope you would find that something that’s really gonna help you out!

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    well… of course many people might disagree with me and I do realize this, however I personally do not recommend it myself! that’s because it is very and very easy to get hooked into taking it for a performance boost only to end up addicted and in a worse state than you have been even before you have ever started to take it, so in the end you are just having double as much problems. but then again, this is what I am feeling like, many people would say it completely differently as I do know that many got lots of help from using it.
    as for the types of kratom, I’ve seen people recommending kratom depending on why you need the kratom because I’ve read that the green kratom it is more sedating, the red one is more stimulating and the white kratom it is something in the middle of them.

    if you ask me and my preferences then I can tell you that the type that I am usually go to it is Borneo or Green Malaysian, but this absolutely doesn’t mean that these are the types that you need or that you are going to like too. I’ve discussed with other people taking kratom and when they have used either Borneo or Green Malaysian they told me that this is the worst kind of kratom that they have ever used, while for me it is an amazing stuff. everyone is different and such kind of stuff works differently. we all know that people react differently to almost anything that we consume, but kratom itself is strange working very different on people!

    but then again, you really need to be very careful because as I have said it and I tried to warn you: you are now trying to play around with a potentially addictive substance and unless you are able to exercise extreme care I really do not recommend to take it. in regards of kratom, many people found the detrimental effects to outweigh the benefits so you must be sure that this isn’t going be the case for you. wishing you good luck and all the best.

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    so, it seems like there has been some kind of mix up… I mean, what each kratom stuff is working like so… generally the different strains of kratom are being characterized like the following: The Red Vein Kratom is having calming and sedating effects. The White Vein Kratom is having stimulating and energetic boosting effects and lastly, the Green Vein Kratom is something in between those 2 mentioned earlier. if there is somebody thinking differently you are wrong and it is not like I have said that, there are different and various sources that are supporting this statement, such sources as ensobotanicals, kratomonline, greenleafkratom as well as many other sources of kratom. whichever the case, as I have said it earlier in my previous post, from my personal experience, I can more or less confirm this classification so I do think that most likely, it is true! for more information by the way, you could go on each of those sites that I have mentioned here (after ensobotanicals and greenleafkratom insert .com while kratomonline is .org, surely you can easily find them) hope this is going to help. good luck once again.

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    thanks everyone for trying to help and sharing your opinions here. SerranoAm, thanks for your post too as well as for your warnings. but I have to say that I have never been addicted to anything in my life only except for masturbating (and yeah, I do know very well that it sounds really stupid, I have heard it a lot of times, but I do find it to be really hard for me not to masturbate at least one time a day)… I mean, I have never smoked, I have never got addicted to coffee as many other people and friends of mine that I know myself and are addicted to coffee. I have been able to quit smoking weed with pretty big ease even when I did it a lot in one week. I’ve never found difficult to stop doing anything, again, except for masturbating.

    now, I have to say that I have purchased a few different kratom products in order to try them all and have a general idea on how they are working for me (as it has been recommended by somebody out there). and so, now I finally taken my first dosage of kratom a few days ago. I have taken 2 gr of Potaniak Maeng Da (which is Red Vein) and it has been kind of relaxing, however I can tell you that is surely wasn’t anything major. (and yeah, I have not taken it for my studying or something, I have taken it more for a relaxing night).

    Today I have taken 5 gr of Pontianak White Horn. I can tell you that I am feeling really really relaxed and I am able to concentrate a lot much more better. this was a big surprise as I thought that it is going to work for me quite the same as Pontianak Maeng Da that I have taken a few days ago: anything major. this one was much better. The Pontianak White Horn is a lot much better and if comparing to something then I can say that it is like coffee but much more better because the ‘good effects’ of coffee are kind of enhanced and I am not getting the weird feeling that I get on coffee, plus I have no stress feeling I used to get when drinking coffee. in short – it is much more better!

    it is obvious that I have purchased all 3 of them and so I do have now the Malaysian Green which waits for me to try it out. I am going to try it as my next kratom ‘experiment’ in about 3 or 4 days now. gonna see how the Green one is going to work for me, as for now, the White seemed to be much better for me. and I am really glad that it generally worked at all because reading your posts guys I was getting anxious that no kratom would work for me at all or that it is going to give me side effects. as for the addiction, I am going to take caution. my plan is: I am going to use Kratom 3 times per week and in between I am going to drink or tea or a nespresso (or maybe nothing at all, we will see.)

    now, after I am going to get finished with the kratom that I have got now (I have purchased 25 gr of each one, a total of 75 gr of kratom) then I am going to consider to purchase more of a specific strain or maybe to take a one week break in order to check out if it is having some effects on me when I am not using it, plus this way I am going to stay away from addiction and I won’t get used to it. thanks guys once again for everything, I really appreciate your help and all your helpful words. I do think that without you I wouldn’t be doing it all so quick and I wouldn’t understand the ‘kratom’ world as I understand it now even being a complete newbie (for now). that’s why, big thanks to you guys!

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    now, the first thing is… you’ve got to watch out and be very careful because Kratom indeed can be very addictive and this is no joke and nothing easy to deal with, depending on your personality type as well as self control. but even if you do have a good self control etc. etc. and you think that you are going to be able to deal with it as you have said it earlier, this is still nothing fun and really hard.

    I just tell you all of this because this is my personal experience with Kratom! I have started to use it in the time that I was still in the college and I can tell you that this thing has had a very negative impact on me and my life. if I knew where it got me back then when I started it then I surely wouldn’t ever touch it. I was always coming home in the evenings and I was taking my kratom dosage and I was just chilling and watching TV and I have always been putting things off until the very last minute. and yeah, so you could understand me correctly, it is obvious that this is not Kratom’s fault and it is mine, however the effect that it has had on me has not at all been conducive to studying… and this is especially in the time when I began to use it on a daily basis and my dosages, obviously, were increasing. I do honestly think that in case you are have any issues with focusing and your mind is always wandering then I would imagine that Kratom would actually make that be even worse instead of only helping you out to concentrate and focus on your tasks. once again, at least I am now talking from my personal experience and from my experience I do know that if I would take Kratom it would make me even more unfocused and make my mind wandering…

    that is why, if you would find the effects of kratom working quite the same as it works for me then perhaps you could search into such kind of products that are being called Red Dawn Sleepwalker or maybe Limitless. these things are basically the exact same thing but I do think that these ones are going to help you a lot on your issue and that’s because they are having a mixture of Phenibut and caffeine in them which helps with focusing issues. but then again, you should be very wary here either because Phenibut is very addictive as well and that’s why you’ve got to research very much on this one before you take it and then, if you decide to take it, use big caution. but those things are having more of an adderall kind of effect personally for me and I did have found them to be very and VERY useful for me for my motivation, for being able to focus, to study, for my general productivity and even for my social anxiety, in fact, I can tell you that it is working just amazingly for my social anxiety, it works so well for it that while I am not taking it I am anxious to simple talk to someone when we’re only 2 of us, but when I take it, it helps me with public speaking! for those who understand, that’s a lot! however, once again, please be careful because Phenibut is very addictive and that’s why just in case this sounds like it is something that you would be interested in and you do try it and like then please, take care not to use it multiple days in a row, use it only when you have a real need in using it. plus to that I have also notice that if I am using it in the morning then by the night time, I would fall asleep and I would really sleep very hard. but then again, also, I would only use it in conjunction with Kratom and the 2 have had a synergy that they would really amplify a lot the effects of one another and make them work much better. when I have tried the product I told you ‘Sleepwalker’ on its own without using the kratom, it has still worked very well, however it only made me feel a little bit more ‘buzzy’, I have felt a little bit more speedy and it was less relaxing. so with kratom it was better. when using kratom alone without sleepwalker it also worked, but not as good. this is the reason why I say that taking them together it only makes them amplify each other’s effects and make you, at least made me, feel much better. anyway, if you want to find out more things about this then you can simply PM me and I will try to make you understand and explain everything that IMO you need to know and answer your questions if you have some.

    now, I can say that I do find Kratom to be great for relaxing in the evenings and plus to that, it can be very and very good for making your really productive and to simply enjoy what you are doing so much more. what I am trying to say is that kratom has good sides and it also has bad sides. it can be good depending on why you want to take it, but I really don’t think that it is going to be a good stuff for concentration… it can be good for something else instead, but for concentration, I personally, never found it to be good for such case. maybe for you it would be differently, I don’t know…

    and yeah, also, with sleep, once again, just from my personal opinion, kratom has been really really bad for my sleeping habits and I wouldn’t recommend it. the thing is that even if used in some high dosages, it was still a little bit too energizing and too euphoric for me to be able to sleep… I would just feel good and so I would stay up later. but anyway, this, again, was only my mistake which means that it was me who took it in the wrong time of the day. I just try to say that if you are not going to use any doses of it around 6 or 7 PM (and of course, later) the sleeping problem would go away. however, I honestly do not think that it would be helpful if you have tried to use it at night time attempting to fall asleep. anyway… I do think that after you are going to do some research (if you haven’t already), then you may just want to get a strain and to give it one try on the weekend… I say this because I would recommend to try it in the weekend when you are not really having anything important to do the next day.. that’s just in case you are going to get some of those ‘not really good’ effects of kratom… and yeah… I recommend you to do so because the first time when I have given kratom a try, it has made me pretty well nauseated… I mean, I did have felt pretty good when using it, euphoric kind of feeling, however I was simply not wanting to get off the couch, plus I was feeling a little bit sick to my stomach either (once again, not conducive to school work at all, as I have said it, and that’s why I do not recommend it for such purposes!)… but anyway, the sick feeling to my stomach went away after a couple of weeks of taking it. I guess my stomach just needed some time in order to get used to such stuff.

    but then, please, be warned that it can be really addictive and this means that it is including a withdrawal process and time period in order to get off of them which is not fun at all! and yeah, remember that insomnia it is a really bad withdrawal side effects, which is most likely my most hated withdrawal side effect. I just hope that this is gonna be helpful to you…

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    not sure if this is going to be helpful but whatever… I haven’t ever heard of kratom just until not so long ago. I have read about it that it is nearly doing miracles. then I found that it is actually very popular and I found that to be very strange (so popular and I never tried it). whichever the case, I did have gotten it and it seemed that it was useless for me… too bad as I was having hopes on it. but now I see that it might be worth to try other types of kratom since they are not all the same (I didn’t know this). or, also, do you think that there are ‘poor quality’ of kratom. I mean, are there some chances that they haven’t sent me any kratom or a bad quality of it? as a scam? I am interested to find out what are chances that I got a good product and it didn’t worked for me and what are chances that I just got a bad stuff?

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    well. we just can’t answer that and I doubt that someone can. it greatly depends on which vendor you have purchased that kratom from. if you only used one single kratom product then it would be a mistake to say that no kratom works for you. there indeed are chances that it doesn’t work for you at all, but there are also chances that it wasn’t kratom at all so… to find this out you have to use multiple kratom products from multiple vendors (of course, reliable vendors). hope this would be helpful to you.

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    I personally am not truly considering kratom or any other opiate agonists to be a sleep aid, even though I do know that it is pretty good for relaxing in the evenings, but there’s still a difference. what I think that it truly might be useful for it is to get your through the afternoon, I mean, it is good for transitioning yourself from afternoon to evening if you have had a hectic day. however, exactly as the alcohol who is considered by many to be a good aid for sleep, it also might interfere with your quality of sleep and in an negative way. I’m not very sure about this, but that’s what I know. also, there is obviously the risk of an addiction too, however I think that this is only a slight risk.

    what I can tell you is what I’m doing myself in order to deal with insomnia, so here I am going to make a list of stuff of what I am doing to fight with the insomnia and any other light sleep issue that I have been dealing with since I have been only a child.

    first and foremost, you’ve got to be sure that you cut the stimulants no less than 6 but perfectly more than 8 hours before bedtime, that’s because this is the usual time that most of the stimulants are having an effect. of course, perfectly it would be if you wouldn’t have any stimulants at all, but if you do have some like for example caffeine then make sure to drink your last cup of coffee no less than 6 hours prior to bedtime. if you (also) take any other stimulants – it applies the same, no less than 6 hours before the bedtime (or your could search for the half life of that certain stimulant and check the time when you can take it). if, for example, you take a stimulant which half life is 5 hours, I would recommend to take it no less than 10 hours before going to bed.

    next thing is when you really have a hard time to fall asleep then take a sleep aid one hour before you want to be asleep. most of the sleep aid products are at their peak moment about one hour after using them. personally, my sedatives of choice are either melatonin in a combination with unisom or a combination of valerian root with banadryl. as you can see, I try to use a natural one in combination with an OTC (over the counter) medication. any of these can be safely taken every single night without causing any addiction or any other dangerous side effects in most of the people. such sleep aids as for example benzos and z drugs (eg. zopiclone, ambien, lunesta and many others) definitely should NOT be used every single night because of the risk of the addiction (and tolerance) and rebound effects like for example depression and worsening insomnia.
    another very important thing that many people do not seem to follow it is that you’ve got to use your bed exclusively only for sleep. and of course, for sex. but nothing else. you shouldn’t be using your bed for anything than just going to sleep or having sex, this way your body knows that when you put your head on pillow it is either sleep or sex time.

    something that would really help you achieve sleep it is to engage into a relaxing activity for like one hour or so before bed. by doing this lots of people found that something that helped with their insomnia. and by saying ‘relaxing activity’ I am talking about having a warm bath or reading a book (but one very important thing here is a relaxing activity is NOT surfing the web or looking at a TV/ computer or phone screen and that’s due to the fact that those are impairing melatonin production – it has been proven that blue screen interferes with your sleep patterns, so try to avoid internet/ TV/ phone or whichever else at least one hour before going to bed). also you could get a massage as it helps a lot to relax but I do know that it is quite possible to have a massage every night (unless you have an extremely good spouse or rich enough to pay someone every night to give you a massage), but once in a while it would be really helping. meditating is another thing you could do an hour before going to bed which might help. every one of these are good options which might help as opposite to watch TV, stay in front of computer or phone screen which you would need to avoid.

    exercising. I guess there’s no need to explanation. it is known by everybody that exercising is really helping with insomnia and any other sleep issues. by doing at least a 30 minutes of physical activity daily, in like a week you’re already going to see a major change. exercising is really putting you to sleep but you’ve got to pay attention not to get involved in any physical activity for, again, one hour before going to sleep because in this period it acts like a stimulant which would make you unable to get sleep. this is the reason why most people prefer running/ exercising in the morning.

    the key to get sleep it is to let your body and mind KNOW when is the time to get sleep. what I’m trying to say is that you can kind of program yourself, your body and mind. you should go to bed and get up at the exact same time every day and every night, that’s even on the weekends as well. by doing this for a while you’re going to see how you’re already feeling sleep around the time you are used to go to sleep and how you’re going to wake up around the time you’ve used to get up even without a clock. of course it is impossible every night and every day to do this minute by minute so you can allow yourself like one hour of wiggle room on this, but no more. the less the better. put your clock one hour before going to bed (knowing that it is time to stop any blue screen interaction, time to stop any physical activity, stop doing anything that would interfere with your sleeping patterns and start engaging in relaxing activity) and also have your clock in the morning. try to follow this routine for weeks/ months/ years. your brain is getting used to routine and that’s especially when it is coming to sleep. I’m sure that in a few weeks your problem would get much better and in months you won’t have it at all.

    another thing which many people seem to ignore it is good sleep hygiene but that’s definitely not the right thing to do, of course, so you’ve got to practice a good sleep hygiene. for doing this you need to make your room be quiet, to be dark and obviously your bed maximum comfortable. for this you’ve got to purchase a new bed just in case yours isn’t as comfortable. new bed sheets, pillows etc. etc. in case this is necessary. also, I personally find that a cool temperature is the best for me, but you find whatever suits you up. plus to that, I always am using earplugs, I am wearing an eyemask as well as air cleaner for ambient noise. plus to that I tell you that this is even more important if you are a light sleeper. for me, if any of those elements is getting off then I end up waking up prematurely so I am obviously in a bad mood for the entire day.

    one more thing (and the last that comes into my mind) is that you need to eat a healthy meal before bed. I am not sure if everyone is like this as I am, but I personally am not able to seep on an empty stomach. in fact, I have seen articles showing that people do struggle falling asleep if they are hungry, so if you haven’t eaten in a while and you try to sleep, it is no doubt that you find it hard doing so. but also there, I have found that people find it hard if they eat and right after that are going to bed. pretty much as with the physical activity – eating does help you to get sleep, but it acts differently (vice versa) if you eat right before bed. having this said, one hour before going to bed you’ve really got to prepare for sleep if you want to get sleep, at least for now when you find it hard to get sleep.

    in fact, I’m pretty sure that many of these would also help you with your study. just by getting enough sleep and good sleep quality that’s going to improve your studying. that’s pretty much all I personally am doing but you also might search for other tips online as there are entire articles and sites which can help you deal with insomnia.

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    hey there, thank you so so much for your post. I will definitely take all of these into consideration from now on when I will try to get sleep as they do seem to be like some very good tips. plus to that, I do think that doing all of them concomitantly would help me even more, isn’t it? and yeah, plus to that, I will never touch benzos again now. thank you very much for everything.

    also I can say that this night I have been falling asleep at around 3 AM and it would be fine, but then this f***ing cat started to meow so much that I thought it was dying or something (honestly, it was so damn loud that it sounded like there is somebody who was slamming the freaking cat on the wall or was slowly cutting it and it continued like that for like half a hour straight without freaking stopping, in fact, I didn’t even knew that cats can be so so loud!) and so… yeah, I just fell asleep at 4: 30 AM or even later… best feeling in the whole freaking world!!

    anyway, my doctor has prescribed me to get melatonin and also with something else (but unfortunately I have forgot the name of that something else). of course I did tried it but for me it has been ineffective the last time (like 9 mg of that have had no effects on me, unfortunately). not sure if it’s worth it but I am thinking that I might need to give it a try once again, no? hope that this time it would be more effective.

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    I’m so so sorry… oh, it seems that I have skimmed over your initial post (not sure how I’ve done it) so I have missed the part where you have said that caffeine is making your unfocused and makes you feel weird from drinking it.

    but by the way, it seems people forgot you have asked for kratom here so coming back to it I can tell you that there are different strains of Kratom which are working differently, that’s why I think that you might need to try other strains of Kratom. I personally have never felt very much of a difference between them, however there are some people who are noticing some very big differences between them all so you never know, maybe you’re going to be one of those people who also noticed big differences? but anyhow, I do believe that the Bali or the red strains are being meant to be more sedative (from as much as I have heard and read about it) while the Indo or the green strains are being meant to be more energizing. depending on what effect you need to get you should take the appropriate strain of Kratom. but anyway, I am not very sure if this is true so you might want to research this first.

    anyway, I can tell you that I am also having a hard time to get some sleep or to relax during the night either, so I do know what you are going through. however, for me I can feel that the Valerian Root is helping me, exactly as the Kava tea does, and what it is really good about them is that I doubt a lot that either one of them is addictive. plus to that, I think that you could also try out Unisom which is good either, at least many people seem to say so. Btw, Unisom seem to basically have the same active ingredient as Benadryl, also in Tylenol PM, NyQuil and so on and so forth. these are products which help with the sleep.

    but if you need something for your concentration then I would recommend you to look more at St. John’s Wort. this is an popular product that many people seem to like, however you’ve got to pay attention that it has lots of interactions with lots of drugs. better ask your doctor about St. John’s Wort and ask him what you’ve got to avoid. maybe also search for Ginko Biloba, it is all natural and it might be helpful either. plus you could search on this more yourself because there might be some other natural supplements either that you could search for and see how helpful they might be for you. and yeah, I do know that there are sometimes when with those natural supplements it is hard to really tell that either they are really working or it is only a placebo effect and nothing more, however I just can say that I honestly don’t see anything wrong with a placebo effect in case it is feeling like it is working (and it really puts you to sleep). in fact, in some cases it might be better because this way you get effects all on your own. whichever the case I still recommend you them because I can fell that those supplements have helped me with my cognitive function a lot. who knows… they might help you to with something.

    plus to that, you shouldn’t forget about the all natural and help it all methods – diet and exercise, these can really make a very big difference and you shouldn’t ever underestimate the power of dieting and exercising. and yeah, Super B complex (search for it if you don’t exactly know what it is) it can be a very good alternative to caffeine that could help you very well… and also the B vitamins are helping the brain in order to naturally produce melatonin so it is always a good idea to search for those vitamins which help sleeping and take them. not sure if this will help you with anything, but I really hope so.

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    hey there again, thanks for that. I can say that I did have tried some of the vitamins out there that were supposed to improve my concentration but even though I was taking them religiously and I never skipped a dose (plus took them for a good while) I still could not see any difference at all, so that’s how I realized that they are useless for me. either because those weren’t as good vitamins or my body is unable to absorb them.

    also gotta say that I have taken a ADHD test online and luckily, I have scored a pretty high and that is why I’m now really think that a trip to a doctor might be a good idea since it is explaining a lot of it all. plus to this, I have also picked up Meta Sleep and 8 mg of the melatonin and I have tried them yesterday (didn’t know that Meta Sleep is so hard to find in pharmacies, or I am the only one?). I have decided to try them because my doctor has already prescribed it to me one time and it has worked quite well for me so I am going to give it a try again when I would need it again.

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    hi guys here, I decided to come back with the update that I have on my kratom usage if it’s going to be helpful for anyone here… so, I can say that kratom is indeed disrupting my sleep. I am getting tired, however I’m not enough (properly) falling asleep tired and when I am sleeping I then wake up very easily right in the middle of the night in the time that melatonin has kept me asleep for like 5 hours or so before I have woken up but that’s really good. I mean, this is like a record for me now because I have not slept this long in a rally long time now without a disruption of my sleep, so 5 hours straight is good. another thing that I have noticed in these days is that if and when I do not use kratom and also I don’t drink caffeine (1 nespresso) for 2 days straight then I am noticing a slight headache or something like this but the biggest problem is that besides headache, in this time my entire body is feeling even stranger than when I did have used a nespresso. isn’t this strange? however, even so, to be honest I do not feel that this is addicting at all… but I still think that most likely I am going to stop with the kratom and I am going to go and search for something else that might be helping me with my concentration (considering how kratom helps me, I think that there must be something else which would be more helpful, or at least I really hope so).

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