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    Recently I just have ordered phentermine online from India, this decision was done accordingly to the thing that actually the vendor that I have found was on the top of the most rated vendors on the section of vendors. The reviews were really good ones and the idea of buying that phentermine was really interesting in my case. I can’t say that actually I have decided just because the top position of the vendor and the reviews that I have found there, of course there was a big risk for me when doing it, but at the end I have ordered it. It arrived in time, and I’m looking now at this phentermine feeling so confused. I haven’t tried it yet, because I decided that you can make me understand better should I or should not. So what can I tell, they are imprinted with k-25 and have some blue specifics on them, as well the only thing that I have observed is that they seem to crumble a little bit if you try to break them in half.. no big deal but this could be important I think. I really hope that here I can find here someone that can tell me what to think and what to do about this phentermine. I’m little bit scared to try it; you have helped a lot of people and me too, so I think that you can recommend me to do something. Anyway any advice is applicable. I have used some bad drugs before, some of them have been generic ones and of course I’m a little bit scared to try it… So, waiting for your help guys!

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    Sorry I can’t actually help you with very much information since I have never tried phentermine myself and I can’t know how it should or how it should NOT be… what I am thinking is that you could add an photo here and this may help other people to be able to help you by the photo. Not sure how to upload an photo here though but I guess if searching a bit that’s gonna be helpful. Another thing that you can do in order to be sure that what you have is what you really need is to send it to a lab testing. Sorry this is not the answer you’ve asked for but that’s all I can say.

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    I really understand you, and I really hope that you will decide not to try them. I have ordered something like this before and I can’t tell for sure that any of those are fake or smt, but the thing is that you have to remember that any 2 of them are going fake and as you understand you can’t be sure which one of them could be. The thing about the crumbling part is the most obvious thing that they can be fake, I have used phentermin before and I can say that I know everything about them, but I don’t remember something like this on my phentermine. The second thing that I have mentioned when I just got some of the fake drugs in my life time experience was the horrible taste in my mouth, which came exactly after you just put in on your mouth, so there is no need to use it and to wait, you just can taste it, to understand if this is ok or not. If you have the opportunity to compare the taste of this phentermine that you have order with original one it is the best. I remember my friend have experienced something like this with fake pherntermine and she also added that after consumption she felt her mouth dry and she couldn’t digest it, so be careful what you do, if you are not sure just don’t use them!

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    I have also get fake phentermine. It seems that phentermine is getting faked more and more lately… I have got fake phentermine from India approximately 4 or so month ago. How did I knew that it is fake? That’s because it simply didn’t work for me. but I know that usually phentermine does work for me.

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    Oh yeah… I know what you are talking about… I am now nearly reached that point where I am wishing to go back to a local weight loss clinic in order to get the real thing… nearly…

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    Hey everyone thanks for answering… here’s an update here about the stuff… I did have tried one of those and to be honest I do think that they must be fake only based on the lack of the effect that I have got… I mean, I haven’t got any effect at all. I mean, don’t get me wrong as it is surely way too eary now to say about an weight loss, however want I want to say is that I have been feeling hungry EXTREMELY much all day long and I have not experienced absolutely any kind of jitters or any extra energy or anything in this matter. in short, I’ve tried one but I felt absolutely nothing, as if I’ve simply drank some water. Any dangers out there in continuing to try a couple of them more out of the shipment in order to check if that one has been a dud?
    But anyway, as I have already said it, thank you very much to each one of your for your replies, I really appreciate that you tried to help.

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    This thread is really good I would say for those people who are searching how to spot fake phentermine. And if you want to stand a chance about getting a real stuff then you should not purchase from India at all, to begin with. I have already purchased a lot of the ‘phentermine’ from a lot of online sites and even from darknet and so on and so forth but in the end they were all fakes. I am not an expert and generally I can say that I am new to online pharm but I am trying to learn fast… from as much as I know, they don’t have phentermine at all.

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    Hey there everyone. I just have ordered this last week from one of those top rated sites that I could find on the internet… however I suspect that they are going to be of Indian origin and this is the reason why, now, I don’t have very much hope that what I am going to receive would be real and genuine phentermine, unfortunately. I did have tried to get the phentermine locally and legitimately as I did have went and asked a couple of times to get a prescription of it and that’s even from a weight loss clinic that we have in the town which is well known for giving out phentermine prescriptions. However, even then I have got refused. As much as it seems, there’s nobody out there who wants me to use it and the only thing that I can figure it out why is because of my age (as I am over 55 so they are afraid as we all know that phentermine has something to do with heart and thermo-regulations. But in the end there’s nobody out there who would give me a good explanation why they do not give me this stuff, only a pep talk. I’m generally pretty healthy, the problem is that I am over 100 lbs weight. And that’s why, now when I’ve got refused everywhere, I’ve decided to take this route with a small order in order to test how well or how unwell it is going to work for me. but unfortunately for me, I have yet to read a successful report in regards to get a legitimate phentermine.
    Thanks though for this thread as the information on identifying the fake phen here is deeply appreciated!

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    So well, I am definitely not an expert or anything in that matter, however as much as I can tell from what I’ve read – unfortunately, there is no Indian pharmacy that is offering legitimate Phentermine/ Adipex. I have also got the *K 25* package a few years ago from them. I did used it and then, when I saw how it works, I simply left it like that and I still nowadays have some that I can give to you if you want… it is a junk stuff and telling you that from experience. And it is not because I’ve got it from a scammy site because I’ve got it from what has been supposed to be a really reputable and trustable company, which, by the way, still operates today. I’ve checked their reviews and they are having quite good reviews… and from all the amount of reviews they have they do seem to be fine overall. A lot of people ordered a lot of other good stuff from them and they are happy with it. it is just thing one drug from them which is sh*t! and how do I know that it is really and indeed a reputable site… they have given me an immediate refund of money without any other questions asked after I’ve written them about this stuff.
    And so I realized that it is extremely hard to get your hands on a real and genuine phentermine… that is why, if there’s absolutely anyone out there who does know of a real and reliable vendor for real and reliable Adipex or Phentermine (I would agree even if it would be Indian, but to have real Phentermine) then please, write me back and let me know!

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