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    Hey everyone, I would like to get a bit of your help, my daughter’s (who is 16 years old) pediatrician is now seriously thinking to put her on some anti seizure medications and my doctors thinks to do so because in his opinion, those medications should be helpful for her to control her disabling headaches that she’s suffering for a long time now and it seems that there is nothing that can help. And I say that because, yeah, she did has been on numerous other stuff that I barely accepted either and I really didn’t liked them and now I don’t like them even more as I had to get my daughter take them and they were still not helping… and yeah. We have also put her through absolutely every medical test that it is known to man in order to check it out that she is having no physical concerns that would be causing her to suffer from those headaches (from as much as I have learned, there might be a big number of physical things that might be responsible for those headaches, and that is why we have already had multiple MRIs (they were not believing that on MRI test they do not see anything, EEG, Blood work (of course, lots of them as well), yadda, spinal tap, yadda and yadda etc. etc. no test shows anything and I am idealess of what I should do and how I should feel.

    I am now wondering if here is someone who is having some experiences with all of this. Or maybe some of you is having some advices in regards to this problem I have? I would really appreciate if any of you could help with this, if you could really tell me something more about the anti seizure medications? do you think that this is a good idea? Or you think that this is not a good idea? Also, I want to ask you something more about what are the side effects of the anti seizure medications? what are the risks of taking them? Are there any bigger/ severer side effects with the anti seizure ones than other stuff intended to help with headaches and pains of such kind? I am going to appreciate absolutely every single of your words here… I am so afraid for my daughter and when I see that there’s nothing to help her… that’s killing me.

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    I do understand why you are wondering here about this and I really do think that it is a very good idea that you are doing this. However, I must tell you that I really doubt we could help you very much if you are not going to answer some questions that I have for you, such questions as: what are the anti seizure medications that have been discussed so far with your daughter’s doctor? The reason I ask this is that we just can’t tell you what are the side effects of anti seizure medications at all, there are side effects for each medication individually and if you are going to share the name of the anti seizure medications that you have been discussing with her doctor then I think that we could help you more by saying what are the possible side effects. What I am sure about is that if her pediatrician is recommending some medications for your daughter then most likely that it is safe, that should be safe for your doctor. But anyway, I do understand your concerns so just tell me here what it was recommended to you? Also, while being there… has her doctor explained to you the chemical process in the entire terms of what would happen in order to prevent the migraines that she has? So, from as much as it seems from your post, it does seems to me like the physical symptoms were ruled out, from as much as I see, so normally there shouldn’t be anything physically which means that there’s a problem in her brain… but, to be honest, this is surely not surprising, the causes of migraines are being elusive and I really hope that soon you are going to rule it out.

    Also I want to ask you something else… is that doctor recommending her a single med approach (just an example only, Depakote – only one of those very many anti seizure medications out there alone, or a benzo). Or your doctor is recommending you to have a multi med approach for your daughter (like for example a benzos in combination with a stim)? And yeah… also, you’ve gotta mention here one more thing… I mean, what did she tried in the past and what were the effects? I mean, I understood that it was not helpful for your daughter but… overall? Did she also got side effects or not? I am just trying to help you and your daughter but without answering these questions I doubt that we can help. In general terms I can tell you – anti seizure medications can work wonders for some but they can also get your life ruined… that varies from a person to person, from a medication to medication and situation to situation plus to that I am sure that her doctor is going to pay big attention to the dose that she is going to be put on.
    Oh yeah, one more question that I just remembered… what is triggering her migraines? Just in case this has been identified? Maybe there are something that you have noticed that is triggering them? What does she say? Really hoping that it would be helpful!

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    Yeah, indeed, those are all very and very good questions that you can present to the doctor… I mean, some questions that I should present to the doctor myself now in this situation of mine… and yeah… if you ask ME then I must tell you that he has not discussed with us in regards to what mediations he is considering to give to my daughter. The only thing what I can say in regards to the physical abnormalities is that the radiologist who has read her first MRI has later reported an abnormal growth on her pituitary gland, that was the only one, but therefore the reason we were just kept on being sent to a neurologist for getting multiple tests. They couldn’t rule it out surely and so they started to ‘develop’ this idea more and more. Anyhow, then later a follow up MRI which was a year later has showed that she has no change in her pituitary gland. However, my daughter still continued to have the migraines. I’ve gotta say that we did have been instructed at our last appointment to keep a food/ fluid/ migraine journal in order to at least try to learn what might be triggering her migraines. I also must say that her pediatrician has indicated on the fact that in case we would not be able to identify any specific trigger (or maybe triggers because we were told that there might be multiple ones) then he is going to prescribe an anti seizure medication (but as I have already said it earlier, he has not mentioned which one exactly and I have not thought about asking him about this). So well, without really digging very much through the records myself, I just cannot outright recall the exact names of those 2 medications that my daughter has been prescribed so far… whatever th case, as I already mentioned it, none of them has worked for my daughter… of course… if any of them did then I wouldn’t be even writing this and I wouldn’t be searching for an answer anymore. I must mention here that the only ever treatment that has ever worked for her it is one combination a ‘cocktail’ that they have inject her with while she has been in the ER during the time when she have had some extremely bad and even disabling migraines (which, from as much as I know, it does includes Benadryl, ibuprofen as well as caffeine and if my memory serves right, there were something else too, however I am not very sure what other). However, I just know (and I have never been more sure than this) that it would be just so so so much more beneficial and more ‘helpful’ to prevent her from getting those migraines/ headaches she gets… rather than to just treat them after the fact. And I can feel that there IS something that we can and that we must do in order to make those migraines stop appearing anymore. To prevent them.. but it is just the thing that I am not sure what we can do in regards to this…

    Anyhow, I must mention here that my concern (my biggest) concern here is whether or not the anti seizure medications might be really bad for my daughter or not…. I am very afraid of this… I am afraid that this could create some very serious side effects for her and I would, of course, wish to prevent this from happening if there are such risks… what I think that those things might be doing a good job with a migraine or 2 per week, however I am afraid that it might be more harmful in the long run. What I ry to say… if taking it for like once or twice (like only a few times per year) then this might be safe. But if taking it every week 2 times then in the long period that might pose a problem. Not sure if it would, again, but I am afraid of this.. as any other parent, of course, I just want to be sure that my daughter is safe. I also can say that we are going to continue on writing the journal, I do feel that in the end, that journal is going to be helpful and I will try my best in order to check if there is anything (any trigger) that can be identified which would be really helpful if we would and then, after that, we are going to start on asking a LOT of questions before we are going to be agreeing to get any kind of anti seizure medication for my daughter. And, as you said, I am going to learn as much as I can about the specific medication that the doctor would say to start my daughter on. Thanks for everything, hope this is all going to end soon.

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    Hey there OP, you should know that first off you need to know what you are exactly talking about (or better said, what your doctors is talking about) when saying anti seizure medications. the reason that I ask this is that the hospitals as well as there are some doctors who are considering Ativan to be an anti seizure medication as well, however I am currently on this medication and I take it for my anxiety and to be honest, I have big doubts that it is primarily considered an anti seizure drug.
    Anyhow, what I can tell you about is that it indeed does calm one down if it is taken in some small dosages and it is also can be really helpful in easing the headaches as well that I am having as well, or at least, that’s what I have noticed and the effects that I noticed I get from using it. What I can say with certitude is that I personally surely would not recommend you to let your so young daughter (who is only 16 years old) go on any kind of benzo related medication… I might be wrong, I am not very sure as I am not an expert here, however I am thinking that this is just way to risky and not worth it, but then again, I am not a professional and I do think that you’ve gotta do it all the way her doctor tells to do.

    However, if I would be you and if he tries that I would surely ask for something that it is less benzo like. Not sure if this is going to help you but I hope so…

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    hey there, thank you very much for your answer, I appreciate it a lot. I just wanted to ask you… how many different medication categories are existing (basic chemical used) for use as an anti seizure medication? If this question is making any sense at all… if you understood what I tried to say and you would answer it I would be really thankful… pretty much as I already am. All the best of luck to you.

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    Oh well… from as much as I know about all of this… the benzodiazepines can be used or another kind (which, unfortunately, I cannot remember the name of that kind) and that is why I am thinking that there are just 2 types of medications that can be used….

    I do think that you are also able to combine those 2, however I just think that this kind of combonation is going to be very and very potent (way too potent for your daughter) and this is the reason why I personally wouldn’t really recommend for your daughter to try it out! I hopes this makes any sense and it would be for any help for you.

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    Hello there OP, I am not an expert neither here, however I still do think that your daughter’s doc might want to consider to put your daughter on Topamax. I think this way because I personally do have migraines and I personally have used specifically this medication called Topamax in order to controlled those migraines and I can tell you that it did has controlled them pretty well. And trust me I am not the only one who benefits from it… from the research that I have done I have seen that this thing is also helping a lot of other people to deal with their migraines as well so I do think that it must be a really helpful medication for the headaches/ migraines. At least it was for me as it worked… or kind of… I’m just trying to say that I still have had a few migraines… perhaps there were fewer migraines that I have been getting but generally, I have been fine. What made it worse for me is that it has been having some quite strange side effects that I could not bear with. What I am trying to say is that I have lost some weight (great thing… however…) due to the fact that I have been feeling a little bit of queasy very often, I have also been having heartburn very and very much, it was extremely often for me and that’s especially taking in consideration the thing that I have never ever had a heart burn in my entire life…. The first time I felt one is when I have been on it… I didn’t even knew what it is…. And one more ‘strange’ side effect that I must mention here is that soda, for me, has been tasting pretty much like metal or something, that’s super strange for me… in addition to that I must say that my breasts have also been aching too (why would they?) and I have been overall feeling spacey too (even though I am thinking that this might be me only… not sure if that’s the medication so not trying to blame it all on it only). Whatever the case, if I would be you then I one would much rather only use a fioricet whenever I am having a headache much rather than to be on some kind of a strange medication… fioricet does it good, I mean, it does the job very well… however, I can tell you here that I am having headaches like around every 2 or maybe 4 weeks and that is why I can tell you with certitude that fiorocet is working for me and my migraines… or at least it usually does. With the help of this stuff I am able to do a lot much more and with less headaches… I mean, now, I am missing maybe around 3 days of work in a full year because of those insupportable headaches and to be honest, I really just did not see the Topamax changing very much this equation. I am really hoping that this is going to be at least for any help to you. Not sure if what I say will or will not help you, however I just told you what in my opinion is going to be the best option for you.

    And yeah, not sure if this is going to make any difference at all but I can tell you that I have had migraines like this since I have been around 10 years old or so… I remember I was having them when I was really young and trust me I did have tried to rule out any physical symptoms. Lots of doctors were thinking that it could be something with my brain, with my glands and even with my back thinking that I might have scoliosis or something which can give me headaches. No… lots of tests have proved that there is nothing wrong with my glands, nor with my brain or anything… I am all fine. It simply is what it is and that’s it. Maybe something deeper that doctors so far can’t understand. maybe it is genetics. I don’t know… that’s just it.

    Some days of work because of the headaches per year and I simply did not see the Topamax changing this equation really really much.

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    So well… I have tried to persevere with the Topiramate for my migraines for a really long period of time. My neurologist just kept on getting the dose of that stuff higher and higher and hoping for efficacy… that’s until I have already reached a dose of 250 mg per day but I tell you – don’t try it out yourself. This is nothing you would want to get through. I am not sure if someone else feels fine on such a dosage… but I have found out that this amount of this drug is completely and fully poleaxing… but then again, at least personally for me… I just couldn’t word, find properly and worst all… it sent me in to an unbearable depression… it was so SO bad that I never even knew that a depression can be so… bad it was so bad that I have been suicidally… I’ve never been like that in the past. It was obvious that it already got all too far, it would have been much better if I could have stopped it earlier…

    I am currently taking clonidine permanently and then when a migraine is still appearing (but it does appears from time to time, although by far not as often as it used to appear in the past), I just try to keep it under control with the help of Dihydrocodeine and I’m fine.

    I must say here that I do know very well that Topiramate is working very and very good for some people… however it did not work for me, unfortunately (because I would be happy if it would) and also, due to the fact that I have had cerebral haemorrhage around 6 or so weeks ago I just cannot take Triptans or Ergotamine either and so… I am pretty much left with nearly no other option…

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    Hey, I just wanted to say that I am so so so much thankful for everything that you have done here for me, for every word and every information, I appreciate the input a lot. I can tell you that I have also been reading some information in other threads and on others sites as well in regards to migraines. In fact, I can tell you that I am now reading everything that I just am able to find about it. I want to learn everything about it, I want to know everything. And as much stories in regards to migraines as it is possible. I feel that this is going to help me. I feel that by knowing all the information and by knowing as much stories as I can – that would help me to understand it better and to make some kind of a statistic that could, ultimately, help me as well. Also I should say that it occurred to me that I do not believe that we have had any hormone testing done for her so far (but as I said it earlier in my previous posts, she has been put to subject to absolutely every single and other test that exists on this planet,) however when I was checking around what tests she has done and what tests are possible to do, I just realize that I don’t really know if that has been done. Anyhow, I am currently hoping that I am going to be able to explore as many other options as it is possible before I am even going to consider to get such kind of strong/ potent medications for such a young and dear person for me. But we all perfectly know that giving strong medications to young people that’s beyond risky. I must tell you that based on all of the above comments that I have read earlier, I am starting to get even more concerned now than I have previously been about putting my daughter on the anti seizure medications… not even sure why, but this is just the way I am feeling and I really don’t want to risk with my daughter’s health…

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    Wow, that’s just an amazing coincidence… I mean… everything (and I mean absolutely everything) that you have described up there in your original post it is the exact same thing that there’s a family friend that has been going through with her, (back then she was exactly 16 years old as your daughter) and now it is her 17 years old daughter. As I said, everything exactly as it was with you: she has done absolutely all tests known to man. All of those tests, the ER trips, the meds and so on and so forth. Everything. They have done it and exactly as you said, absolutely all of this for no avail. Well, in the end, at some point they have suggested her to take anti seizure medications as well (kind of like a last resort or something), both were barbiturates; common for the treatment of seizures. Well, to be honest in regards to her results… those side effects that she has got have been more than she could handle in her day to day life.

    I must say here that I am very sorry to speak before I can give you the out come, however, she is in the service right now and they do seem to be under control. However, be sure that I am going to contact this friend I am talking you about here as soon as possible and I am going to ask what you need. I will find out for you what they finally ended up doing for their daughter who seemingly has the exact same issue that your daughter has (and both pretty much same age). However, I just felt as if I had to post something here, that’s pretty much because it does sounds to me like you have been describing that young girl up there I am talking about. I am being very and very curious about all of this now.

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    Oh wow… if you could do that for me that would be just amazing, please do it, I will appreciate it a lot and be sure that absolutely any thoughts/ ideas are completely welcome! Thank you for saying at least what you posted… although there is no ‘answer’ you still gave at least a bit of hope by at least knowing that we’re not the only ones getting through this.

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    As I have promised that I am going to contact my friend asking her what they are doing and come back here with an update – here I am keeping my word. And so… well playful, that young girl that I have been talking about in my previous post is now using Topomax, as very have had taken at one time. They did mentioned that she is still having migraines, however they are not by far as many as they used to be prior to take this medication. Also they said that some are not as severe either. I just can guess that the benefits are out weighing the side effects that she gets, for that young girl.

    Also I must say here that the young girl and her mother are talking often, and I am going to call after she is going to speak to her personally. I am not sure if there is anything else that I can add here, however I am going to make sure that I will let you know if there is anything else more that I can pass along here and maybe it will help you. Good luck to you and I really wish that your daughter is going to be safe and healthy.

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    I can tell you that I have been prescribed Topamax for my migraines for quite a while but then later I have quit using it… it has been way too expensive for me and I have found botox in the areas around my stress points to do a better job and I have been having no side effects only except for looking better and that’s it. I’ve gotta tell you, Topamax is having some several really strange side effects possible to appear to your daughter if she uses it. But she must firstly try and see, I think.
    Also, I can tell you completely sincerely – I’m very sorry that your daughter is getting them (the migraines). I really am. I have been started to get the migraines since I have been a younger age than your daughter. By the way, if you are interested, fioricet really does help pretty well for onset as well, I would suggest to look at this more. Maybe in the end you are going to have the actual CAUSE that makes your daughter have the migraines and you would be able to exacerbate it. Good luck to both you and your daughter.

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    Takalond I just wanted to make sure that you do know how important it is for me to let you know that I am very and very thankful to you for the follow up information, it is so important for me that you discussed with your friend and updated for me. That’s amazing! Thanks! I must say here that it is surely nice to see what other people in these quite the same circumstances as we are now are choosing to do because, such kind of choices are really hard and that’s because we all know that this is life changing.

    Anyhow, I do perfectly understand that at some point out there, I am 100 sure that we (and mostly she) is going to have to weigh the med risk on a balance with the pain. It surely seems to get a bit more harder and harder as she has been suffering for at least one migraine per week for approximately the last 2 years now and I guess it is no need to explain how hard it is for me, as her parent, to see her suffering like that… it’s, at least heart breaking…

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    Hi there OP, I am not very sure how much I would help you with this post of mine, however I am speaking from experience from my absolutely worst migraines that I have ever had. They were so so bad that whenever I was getting them, I knew that my day is over. I was not literally able to do anything at all. The pains were taking over me. It is obvious that I was trying my best to either control it (prevent them from appearing) or to get rid of them as soon as they appeared. However I couldn’t do it. I wasn’t even touching it. The pain medications that I have been taking all along with all those benzos I was taking have been doing absolutely nothing for me, as I said, they were not touching my migraines. I have been put on the gabapentin as well as Elavil (which, by the way, was absolutely knocking me out), however it did worked nonetheless. Not trying to say that this is the combo that would absolutely work for you or for anyone else out there, but it did for me (when, again, migraines were insupportable) and that is why I think that it might be worth at least trying it out and see how it would work for you. Best wishes.

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    Well, look, Depakote ER, which by the way, has been firstly prescribed for migraines, it is now also being used as an anti seizure medication too. I have been originally prescribed 1500 mg HSN, however this stuff have had a really really bad hangover effect on me which I did not like it at all. I couldn’t resists always taking it and always go through that hangover and this is the reason why, later, I cut it back to 250 mg, however I have found out that I am still having a hangover from using it. I understood that there is no other option for me than to simply stop taking it completely and that’s what I have done. However, once again, from as much as it is being designed for and from its original prescription conditions, this stuff is indeed supposed to help with the migraines and with the seizures. Not sure how helpful this would be for you but I really hope so.

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    hello there, I am also a migraine sufferer, a chronic migraine sufferer to be more exact and that’s since I have been trying my best to keep this condition under control since my teens. Since I am suffering for that long (and during my teens age) and since the migraine’s pains were really bad, I can say that all my sympathy is going out to your daughter as I do understand very well that pain that she is going through right now. This is so hard that I really think there’s no one who deserves this…. But anyway, you must know that there is no guarantee that your daughter is going to benefit from this medication but there’s also absolutely no guarantee that she will not and/ or she is going to suffer from using it. You must know that when you are trying to treat the migraines with the preventatives then that’s really only a matter of trial and error.
    Of course I have not even the slightest idea on what medication exactly the doctor is going to decide to put your daughter on, however when you are talking about the anti seizure medications for migraines then I must tell you that the most atypical ones are: Depakote, Topomax as well as Gabapentin so I am inclined to think that your daughter is going to be put on either one of these 3. And if one doesn’t work she might get switched to another one and so on and so forth. I personally have been on all 3 medications. later I am going to share my experiences that I have had with each one of them, which I can tell you from the start that they were not positive. However, please, I must tell you: you should not get lost/ frustrated or to lose hope… only because a drug has not worked personally for me it surely doesn’t mean that it won’t work for another person and it is more than sure that it doesn’t mean it is useless… it may be a really good medication and it may be working very well for your daughter. You just never know until you try it. So, here are a few words about each of them individually which I really hope that they would be for at least any help for you to understand, but please, again, do not lost your hope:
    Depakote: it did not help and it has turned me into a no brained zombie. No brain because I was barely able to understand what’s going on and zombie because I was doing nothing else than eating and sleeping (I didn’t wanted to do anything more than that). So while on it I only wanted to sleep all the time… it is obvious that while on this stuff, I have gained like 40 pounds. Must say that Depakote it is a really very well known drug for causing weight gain.
    Gabapentin: this one did not help either and even though that gabapentin is considered to have a low side effect profile and that’s indeed true, it is one of those few drugs that when it works then it works but it rarely does it either because it is not having a high profile for working very well for people either so… btw, you might also find Neurontin, you must know that it is the same thing, both of them are the same thing with different names, however it is also being ‘nicknamed’ Morontin and that’s because it causes cognitive impairment.
    Topomax: this one also, of course, did not help me either and plus to that, the side effects that I have been having from using this stuff they were unbearable, I absolutely hated them. This one also has a nickname too and it is Dopomax and that’s due to the one of the side effects that it has which is cognitive impairment. The prove to that is that there are people who are reporting that they are losing their ability to simply remember some absolutely basic words… that’s how bad it can be.
    I am really hoping a lot for your daughter that she is not going to have any of the side effects that I have mentioned above and most importantly, regardless of what medication her doctor would decide to start her on, to work, to work with no side effects. Also, just in case you are being interested, one type of drug that it is being very commonly used in order to treat such condition as migraines then it is a beta blocker that it is called Inderal/ Propranolol. From as much as I know, this stuff is working by shutting off the ‘fight and flight’ system. From as much as I have found and from as much as I have read… it is being given the theory that those people who are suffering from migraines are being overly sensitive to ‘fight and flight’ system. I do agree with this as I have seen it on myself and plus to that, I have also had some really great success with Inderal as well, maybe your daughter is going to find it a bit helpful too.

    One more thing that I must mention here is that muscle relaxers are also being really helpful as well. I have read somewhere (if you are being interested where, I will try to find the source and post it to you) that there are A LOT of people who have had success with Baclofen that is being taken as 10 mg up to 3 times or so a day (which means a total of 30 mg of baclofen per day). However, there’s just one problem with it… unfortunately, one of the side effects that the baclofen has it is the headaches and as much as you can understand… this is not a good combo. And it is obvious… with how ‘lucky’ I am in general, the baclofen did gave me headaches, unfortunately…
    There is just a problem with the muscle relaxers and it is that they can cause you to suffer from extreme drowsiness which means that because of this, they cannot (should not) be used during the day especially if you have something important to do. However, the only exception for this it is baclofen. In case some of you are interested, I can share with you the treatment protocol I am currently having that has greatly improved my situation with headaches from where I used to get them on a daily basis to now that I get them at maximum 2 times a week. In addition to that, I have noticed that this treatment protocol I am currently having has also helped me to reduce down the severity of the headaches that I get. So here is goes: I take Inderal 10 mg and I take it every day before I am going to bed. I am taking also klonopin 2 mg of it every day (that’s because I am also having an very bad anxiety issue as well), I am running Botox Injections every 3 months alternated with Lidocaine Injections as well in between the Botox injections. I also run some supplements: magnesium (very important to fight off with headaches), B 2, CoQ10 as well as Petodolax (this is the German version of BUTTERBUR) as well as I am daily doing stretches for my neck and for my back and also… the very important and the muscle relaxer: zanaflex. I am taking 4 mg of it also before going to bed. I must also mention here that whenever I am feeling that there’s an migraine that is about to come on, I am go using the triptan Summatriptan or Maxalt as soon as possible in order to make it stop before it even appears. Usually, this is doing a good job in stopping the headache from occurring. I also must say that whenever the headaches are becoming full blown (because there are such cases an you need to be prepared) I am finding that Soma (which is also a muscle relaxer) taken along with Codeine or DHC with 20 mg of valium is doing a good job on cutting it down.
    Plus I have to say that I am pulling out a Tens Unit, this is an electric device that it is emitting pulses into the nerves as well which I can feel as if it is helping me and that’s why I decided to share it here with you.

    Anyway, something else is… exactly as somebody has mentioned this idea… to give a benzodiazepine to a teenager it is not a good idea at all and I wouldn’t do it.

    So one last thing that I wanted to share here is… more like an advice that I wanted to share… I have found out from my personal experience that it is going to be much more better (I would say the best) to try to get treated by specifically a neurologist and specifically one who is specializing in Headache Management because they can help you much more than a GP or a Family Doctor. The reason is that they, obviously, know more, so it is extremely important for me (and for you too and anyone else having such issues) to find out what are the factors that are triggering or are contributing to those headaches. Well, let me give you an example… GAD as well as cervical spondylitis are contributing to my headaches and that was very important to know for me because this way I am knowing what to do in order to diminish them and maybe to completely avoid getting them! There are some people out there who are simply Chronic Migraine sufferers, however there are some that are having additional factors or maybe some kind of a different type of headaches… like for example the clusters headaches and others. Whichever it is, trust me that it is extremely important to find it out in order to help with the treatment progressing and making it more successful!

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    Hello there, I hope that my response is going to help you, or better said your daughter, for whatever it would be worth it… I am having disabling migraines myself and I have been having them for a long time now. I have been put by my doctor on the anti seizure medications as well (to be more specific I have been on Topamax). I am not very sure if those doctors putting migraines patients on anti seizure medications know very well what they are doing because it is not only the fact that those anti seizure medication that I have been put on is doing absolutely nothing for the pain or the duration or the frequencies of the migraines that I get (and I mean, it doesn’t touch it absolutely at all) but they have also actually changed my brain chemistry making me more… stupid… that’s the reality and I have accepted it already. One sign which shows me that is that I am now speaking like a stupid person. You should hear how I am speaking… I speak very slow, never been like that before I have started to take those meds. And trust me, i am not talking like that slowly on purpose, I don’t want this. Plus to that, I can feel as if I am not able to remember simple things and not able to coherently speak. I do not recommend you to allow your daughter being put on that thing from my experience because I am feeling tampered with and damaged and the worst thing is that this side effect seem to be a permanent damage as the side effect has never went away and that’s although I have not used Topamax for quite some years now. before Topamax I never was like that, and then suddenly after taking it I am like this. And this doesn’t go away. Surely is not just a coincidence. This is the reason why I tell you… whatever you decide to do, I strongly recommend not to do this to your daughter especially when she’s 16, she’s too young. Just search a little bit more on those side effects, learn about them, learn about these kind of drugs and put more chances on the fact that those side effects WILL occur to your daughter. Not trying to scare or anything, but I just want to help and make you keep your daughter safe. There is a very big chance that your daughter is going to be left with those side effects that you are going to read about them (which, when you’re going to read you will see that they are extremely bad) and in the end of it, she is not going to have any relief whatsoever. I have no idea where those docs got the idea that anti seizures can help with pains from migraines but they don’t and I know from experience. As I said, nothing changed, not the frequency of getting them, not the severity and not the period of time of suffering from them.
    [quote]Hey everyone, I would like to get a bit of your help, my daughter’s (who is 16 years old) pediatrician is now seriously thinking to put her on some anti seizure medications and my doctors thinks to do so because in his opinion, those medications should be helpful for her to control her disabling headaches that she’s suffering for a long time now and it seems that there is nothing that can help.

    I am now wondering if here is someone who is having some experiences with all of this. Or maybe some of you is having some advices in regards to this problem I have? I would really appreciate if any of you could help with this, if you could really tell me something more about the anti seizure medications? do you think that this is a good idea? Or you think that this is not a good idea? Also, I want to ask you something more about what are the side effects of the anti seizure medications? what are the risks of taking them? Are there any bigger/ severer side effects with the anti seizure ones than other stuff intended to help with headaches and pains of such kind?[/quote]

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    Topamax is indeed not such a good option I would say. Better stay away from it. I also know it from my personal experience. I am also a chronic migraine sufferer, been suffering from chronic migraines since the age of 18 or so. Over the last 10 years I have tried this Topamax (of course, under my doctors prescriptions and recommendations) 2 times in my life and both of the times I tried it I had to stop it because of the too severe side effect of brain fog. I was feeling as if there’s always literally fog, my thoughts were always in fog and generally I was not feeling as myself. When it has been said up there that it changed the other member’s brain chemistry I perfectly understand what he tried to tell.

    One interesting thing I have to say here on this topic is that there is somebody out there I personally know who not so long ago has told me that Butterburr is going to help well with those symptoms. That person is also a chronic migraine sufferer (that’s how we met at all) and said I should try it myself so I recommend you looking into it yourself hoping it will help. But then again, I can’t say anything about this thing from my personal experience since I have never tried that stuff myself, however I just said it thinking that it might be worth looking into it as I am surely going to look into it myself!

    Another thing which I consider a ‘must say’ or something in this matter is that I have had some really good success with Treximet lately and this one I do strongly recommend and I am recommending based on my personal experience with it. so far, I think that this is the best thing that I have tried in all these years I am suffering from migraines. This Treximet I am talking about it is a combination of a triptan (Imitrex to be more exact, which is a migraine medication but I guess you know it) and Alieve. I have no idea why, what’s the cause/ the reason etc. but there is something in it which is working well for me and that’s amazing. I am extremely happy it does, of course, especially when I went through years of researching and of failing medications in attempt to help me. If you do want to try it out then I must say that you should keep in mind that you (your daughter) need to use those types of medications immediately as the pain start to occur, as soon as the first signs appear – your daughter has to take it. in terms of side effects, I don’t seem to have any so far. I did have had lots of side effects from lots of other medications out there, but not sure, again, why, but I don’t have any from this one, so far. So stay calm and be safe. I know that this doesn’t mean your daughter won’t notice any side effects, but I still think that this is worth it and after all, what other options you have? So please, do not hesitate and try to give this thing and see if things are going to improve for her because they surely did for me and be sure that I hope your daughter is gonna get help from it as well. I know that usually things do not help but the worst thing is that as time is passing they are being harder to treat so you really be better treating them now! good luck and hope your daughter is gonna be alright!

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