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2 years ago


"Simple and Decent"

I fount this store accidentally on some forums - Being just steeled in other source I needed urgent provision - main point was the speed of delivery about I read some feedbacks - So decision to order a small test order was taken immediately and New application Zelle connected me financially whit them whit included cashback bonus. My order was processed in one day and in another six the parcel hit my door.
- Rapid delivery (in my case it took 7 but I read an review about arriving in 3 - 4 to L.A.)
- Great assortment from biggest brands - ordrer 2 brands and seems to be original
- Promo action - I took some on -30%

- promised in 5 but received in 7 days

Definitively deserves to be in the source list ...


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2 years ago


"Excellent shot"

Excellent, instead I had an issue utilizing Zelle as it took a while to register and make first payment. But the Support at SteroidWarehouse helped me. Thanks guys, sorry for being a boring in technically stuff!

Arrived in about 7 business days!
I ordered:
Test E
Tren E
Received in mid October. Gradually increased dosage and kept the tempo. Strength increased in general. Over all, great products, and had effects exactly what I want.
Have ordered from them first time - received good support and fast delivery, probably will continue whit them.


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