• I have also get fake phentermine. It seems that phentermine is getting faked more and more lately… I have got fake phentermine from India approximately 4 or so month ago. How did I knew that it is fake? That’s because it simply didn’t work for me. but I know that usually phentermine does work for me.

  • Without pics or something in this matter I doubt I can say anything at all.. however reading your post I just thought that they could be those Denver pharma from So America… not sure though. Just in case they are the ones, then I know that they are very strong, however I really doubt that they are shipping those things anymore. Maybe this is g…[Read more]

  • also, ethu1, I wanted to say something else in regards of this: *well… to be honest, if thinking about this for a bit, I think that it could be pretty much beneficial to set up some local social meet ups, isn’t it? I mean, I do know this is ANXIETY which means that it is hard for people to deal with PEOPLE and meet ups means a group of people… BUT…[Read more]

  • hello ethu1. I just can tell you that diazzy is having a long half life and that is why, you are not leaving enough time in between the dosing… trust me I really hate to break it to you, however that it is how I have got my first habit on them and if you are going to do the same thing as I’ve been doing (and it sounds like you pretty much do it) t…[Read more]

  • [quote]i am not very sure but I just think that lunesta is now off patent… though I can’t be sure, but if that’s true there is not that much money to be made on this and we should not forget that commercials are not cheap at all.

    I am not very sure what do you mean by *actual name* but the active ingredient (actual ingredient) in this m…[Read more]

  • well, I am having social anxiety from as much as I can remember (even though most of the people are thinking quite the opposite about me, but anyway) so I do understand you guys. the social anxiety is a real problem and I think that it is even a bigger problem for socially anxious guys in maturity. I remember well that when I have been young I was…[Read more]

  • Dube, I only wanted to tell you… this obviously might not happen to you because it doesn’t happen to everybody who takes it, however the dihydrocodeine is making me feel really really itchy and that’s why I cannot take it and I don’t. but again, this is only what happens to me personally, maybe you are not going to have this effect. I also know t…[Read more]

  • yeah, what is said up there is true, but also the dihydrocodeine it is also having no ceiling effect in the time the codeine does have. the ceiling effect means that it does help to a certain point, however after reaching that point, increasing the dosage is going to lead to diminishing returns so that’s another important difference that should be…[Read more]

  • oh wow. OP, that’s truly amazing! thank you very much for sharing that post and congrats with the fact that this medication helps you that much. I am really glad that they have helped and still are helping you with no additional issues. I just hope that it would continue be this way forever – being helpful without any problems. but unfortunately…[Read more]

  • as I am pretty sure that you already have read nicholasbam, I am thinking that most of the tramadols are pretty much the same as the ones that you have compared from using both. indeed, there might be some that are really different since exceptions are everywhere, but I was talking about most of them. but even so I have to say that the only real…[Read more]

  • Oh well, this is only my personal opinion so take it with a grain of salt… but I think that something that it is not scored with a specific ID mark on the tablet then it could be anything at all! and besides, the blister packs can be very and very easily manipulated for those pills that you have ordered and by this I am trying to say that you s…[Read more]

  • Hi again. I have been told by an IOP that I was not been able to order again due to the fact that I have already exceeded the limits with a previous order that I have had from another pharmacy that I have used in the past, of course there were different company names and even countries however the same group has been the connecting factor between…[Read more]

  • I couldn’t agree more with that, with the fact that you’re really correct in the fact that it is now near to impossible to slip through the cracks as nowadays the cracks are so so small if there are still there at all and the entire medical community has become so… dark… or I don’t know how else I can tell you but the pharmacists are not even goin…[Read more]

  • Hey there tunkto, just wanted to know how did everything turned out for you? I mean, what you’ve done? have you’ve discussed with your doctor? or you’ve tried to go this way and to use it like your doctor told you to? or you’ve tried some methods that have been told you here.

    I do know that it used to be bypassing insurance to pay cash the eli…[Read more]

  • Oh yeah, I definitely agree with you on the fact that he has overprescribed the medication, you are definitely right on this and I am not sure why he has done it. I can guess that if your blood pressure readings are going to come out exactly like the ones that you have last time had then I think that he would have no reason to test you for all the…[Read more]

  • Hello there Roberts, you have to know that 120 over 80 it is at the high end of the normal blood pressure, a bit of research online would make you understand. Also you’ve got to know that every point of the bottom number that it is going up it is much more worse than the top number going up and this is something very important. like for example i…[Read more]

  • Oh my dear, I am so so sorry for this, you’ve got to take a breath deep and very slow. Just try to calm. Take a veeeery deep and slow breathe and try to breathe like that a bit. I do know what you are feeling right now, I know very well those clammy feelings, those knots that you are having in your stomach right now as well as those i…[Read more]

  • Hello ShieBa – here it is my personal opinion about this as I have already dealt with this all with my freaking ex monster man…
    You’ve got to know that AM is making you to PAY for getting in! that is why, there is going to be a charge somewhere and you’ve got to know that the charge is not even all that cheap because from as much as I know, m…[Read more]

  • So well, from everything that I have read, from my personal experience and from what I have heard from other people as well… most of those medications that are not requiring refrigeration are pretty much safe to be taken after their expiration date (which means that they are not becoming toxic over time). however, yeah, the risk is that they may b…[Read more]

  • Oh wow, if you really have managed to stay that long on that medication then it is one sure thing that you are doing a lot more better than me while I have been on it, that’s one sure thing. if I would have taken it for as much as you did then most likely I would have been dead by now. that’s because I have taken it only once… I took it only one t…[Read more]

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